Hello everybody
Happy July! I can't believe that month has passed by once again. June went by so
freaking fast. At the same time I was doing so many things I still feel like I haven't
done a thing. I've been moving all the time, going to places, being somewhere,
seeing concerts and doing stuff, how do I still feel like I haven't done anything?
Summer feels so confusing sometimes haha and lately I've been a bit more confused
about things than usually - but I'll get back to that later at some point. I think.

3rd of June

3rd of June was wonderful, we went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer live at 
Hartwall Arena Helsinki. The gig was good but if you want to find out what 
I was thinking about the audience, click here. Evening on the other hand was 
so great. I was a bit tired though. Before the gig we went to eat to Hesburger 
that was at the venue and whilst we we're eating I noticed that the curtain next 
to me was swinging. Then I automatically said "wow, this ship is swinging so 
badly". Yeah, I had the idea that I was in the ship. Even though we were clearly 
at the ground. I mean, how tired can one actually be? Well, after spending 8 days 
in a row at work - I guess pretty tired. 

4th of June

I have no idea why I look so grumpy in that first picture, but we went to my 
upper secondary school friend's graduation party and had such a lovely evening. 
I also got to meet other school buddies during the night and it was so great to 
see them after a really long time.

cardigan - H&M
top - H&M
jeans - Dr.Denim

5th of June

We did a small hometown visit because my best friend graduated this 
year. She's now a practical nurse, which is kind of cool but something 
I never would be capable to do. 
I'm so proud of her

8th of June

This Wednesday was spent in good company of my work buddy Maija
and it was so fun. We went to see Finnish band called Younghearted live 
and they performed soo well! 

10th of June

Even though the event was sad, I'm thankful that we spent a little 
familytime with relatives. 

19th -20th of June

I visited my other best friend Petra at Turku and had such a lovely weekend. 
I also made a post about both of those days. 

21st - 24th of June

My little sister traveled to Helsinki and stayed with us. It was so much
fun and I believe she enjoyed her stay even though we were at work
couple of days of her visit. 

I think my June was pretty awesome. How was yours? 


  1. Very beautiful photos. And how come you had not done anything? So many events. By the way you look a little bit like youtuber Rachel Aust. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvIaf-RCk5mQiH8rI0rODlg

    1. Haha, I didn't feel like I did something. Oh do I? Have to check her out:D


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