Hi there lovelies
It's time for another post for this "Dream House Inspiration" series I decided to put
together and now it's ime to dream about the living room.
Oh, I've been bitten by a home decor fly and I want to re-organize this whole
apartment completely. Am I crazy? Well maybe a little. Can we really afford that?
Oh hell no.

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I absolutely love that wall decor in this picture. Oh and sorry Jani, those Artek
kitchen chairs look pretty cute too. I love the simplicity in this room.

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I've always dreamed that when I live in my own house, I'll have a fire place. 
That's not possible in apartment buildings, unless the fire place already is there. 
But if we'll someday build a detached house, there's going to be a fire place.

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In this one I got my eye into that blanket on that sofa, it's absolutely gorgeous!

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That carpet definitely is something I could see in our living room. And as I've said 
earlier I'm in love with all the little details so this one inspired me so much.

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Like I said, it's all in the details. 
Have you ever planned your dream house?


  1. Ihanan inspiroivia kuvia! Munkin tekisi mieli välillä pistää koko asunto uusiksi, mutta raha pistää aika kovasti vastaan :D

    1. Joo raha on yleensä näissä se hidaste :D


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