Hi there lovelies!
Today's post is quite different than usual, but bare with me.
First things first, Pokémon GO is all over the place. It's everywhere,
even in the countries where it haven't been released yet. It has been
trending hashtag on Twitter for weeks. It's everywhere.
For me as a 90's kid, Pokémon was a huge thing when growing up.
I watched every single episode and now when I see my little brother
watching these new episodes, it's kind of overwhelming how they've
changed the story. I mean, Team Rocket doesn't fly away after a fight.
They basically shake each others hands and go to different ways after a
match. And a theme song, oh my goodness that has changed way too much.
At least here in Finland. But I can still remember the lyrics for the original
one and that's when my brother looks at me saying
"Jas, you don't sing it like that."
I've played all of those games when growing up, I had Pokécards and I
even had a Pikachu onesie when I was five, so that's how dedicated I
was being a Pokémon fan.
Now I'm more than excited about this new game that has been released.

We all know what game we're talking about, but if you haven't got a
clue yet - it's a geotag game where you can find all the 151 original
Pokémons. Just walking around and catching 'em all.
It makes people to lift their asses from their couches and taking a walk
trying to catch their favourite Pokémons.
But as we all being humans, we'll take it too far.
I've been reading some stuff from the world wide web and I don't know
how to react to that. There's people finding dead bodies whilst catching
Pokémons. There's people playing this game during their working hours
and ending up getting fired. There's even people who quit their jobs to
become all-time Pokémon hunters. I mean why? Why would you quit
your job just because of a game.
And what comes to the dead body, I think it's good that it was found - even
though dead body under any circumstances isn't a good thing.
But why would you risk your life playing this game? Why would you even
risk your monthly income for that? That's something I really don't understand.
I know, I can't say much because I haven't been able to play that game
yet but still, even the common sense tells you that hey, staying at a job
is kind of a good thing when it comes to monthly bills you have to take
care of so you can have a roof at the top of your head and food in your fridge.
Nah, I think I'll become all-time Pokémon hunter instead.

There's also a people who are truly against this game. I mean, so much
against it that they're ready to bully people that are playing this game online
and saying that Pokémon GO makes you childish just because you're a
grown-ass person playing it. "It's a kids game, why you even bother to play it?"

Well, when it comes to the official trailer of 
this game - an idiot sees that it's marketed 
for adults. Why so? Because when the Pokémon 
hype was living it's golden age, the kids back 
then are now adults.

Just like me, when I was a kid I was into Pokémon so now that this game has
been released I've been all over Twitter trying to find out when it'll be available
in Finland too. It's marketed for the people who wants a little bit nostalgic
in their lives.
If it was completely designed for kids, wouldn't there be all those 700+
Pokémons int the game at the very beginning huh?

What becomes for the question at this title, I don't think that playing Pokémon
GO make you childish. Why would it? I mean, none of us is as grown up as we're
saying that we are. I think that ranting about it makes you being childish. If you
don't like the game or have nothing good to say about it in the first place - don't
bother. You're just making a fool of yourself.
If you're stupid enough to quit your job, run under the car and go to places
you're not allowed to go to because of an mobile game, you're being childish
and making a fool of yourself.
This is a good game, it really gets you out of your apartment, so what is in it
to complain about?
Personally I believe that this game will do a lots of good things in the world.
I mean, people are meeting each other while playing, they really go outside
and talk to people. Sharing their experiences and get to know each other.
Bonding. That's kind of cool, I mean - what other game really does that?

I have been rolling these things in my head for a while now, I hope you enjoyed
the post and I'm a bit sad to let you know that there won't be any posts about
reindeers this summer. We had to cancel our road trip because J got sick, so
maybe next summer or winter - who knows!

Have you been playing Pokémon GO? What you think about it?

EDIT// After writing this post, literally in 2 hours after I hit the
save button, my Twitter buzzed and announced me that Pokémon
Go had become available in Finland. So yes, now I've played it
and I'm also kind of obsessed to it too. But definitely not so
obsessed that I would risk my life or monthly income.



  1. Great post. Pokemon go is everywhere. I don't think it makes us childish. I think that its so popular because its nostalgic for us 90s kids who grew up watching the show. xx

    1. Thank you! I fully agree with you :D ps. had to try that first episode thing when ash ketchum was late and couldn't choose his pokémon and ended up with pikachu. walking away few times was definitely worth it haha! :D

  2. I love Pokemon Go. I do a lot of walking so it's great to have an app that you can play on the go! x

    1. That is so true, it makes walking around more interesting :-)

  3. I have it and I love it!

  4. I don't think it makes anyone childish! It's a game and your having fun so own it! I love it haha!
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  5. Literally every single person I know is playing Pokemon Go! I don't think it's childish at all! Us 90's kids grew up with Pokemon. I loved it! Watched the show, collected Pokemon cards, was obsessed with the first Pokemon movie and played it on my gameboy! Personally I think this game was made for us 90s kids haha.


    1. I'm 100% sure it was made for us 90s kids hahah :D

  6. Mua harmittaa hirveästi, ettei tää toimi mun kännykällä yhtään, vaan valittaa, ettei gps-signaalia löydy :/. Muistan ikuisesti sen Rakettiryhmän lentämisen ja tuo kättely kuulostaa kyllä aika oudolta :D

    1. What aika hassua :0 toivottavasti saat sen pian toimimaan! :-)

  7. Mä latasin ton pelin tänään, ja ootan jo innolla et pääsen metsään rymyämään ton pelin kanssa :D

  8. Everyone I know is playing Pokemon go! its taking us 90's kids back to the good old days, hehe!

  9. I think people forget that Nostalgia is marketable and it's been a long time since 90s kids had a game that they were really into. I mean we had the sims, theme hospital and pokemon go and those were pretty much the last time i actually played games!

    I don't think it's childish at all, i think from a gaming perspective it's breakthrough and i love that there's a game that's getting people outside no matter the weather! xo

    1. Nostalgia is very marketable and I agree with you that it's been a long time since 90s kids had a game they were really into ! I've played Sims too, I actually still do haha :D

  10. I love the game. I am agoraphobic, and Pokemon Go has been a great distraction for me so that I can face the outdoors.

    1. I'm really glad that it helps you :-)

  11. I'm with you on this! I don't get how people risk so much for the game. But on the other side, the game can be a great start to more human interaction and people moving around, which are both healthy. We just need moderation!

    1. Hahah yea, we have to use our common sense whilst playing :D

  12. I've started playing it, and it's so funny to be stopped by all sorts of people of all ages to talk about which Pokemon I captured. I have not gone out of my way to play it, just out of convenience at the moment. That and my son keeps pushing me to pull out my phone, I can't go all out because I refuse to play losing my mind with my children by my side. lol

    1. Hahah, occasional playing is great too :D

  13. I don't think that playing this makes anyone childish either, I think it's so cool that something from my childhood has made such a resurgence like this!


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