Hi there lovelies!
My little sister was visiting us here in Helsinki last month around
Midsummer and I had this wonderful idea that I would braid her hair
once again. Also decided to blog about it.
I'm not a tutorial type of a person, so I might not be able to explain how
I made all of these - but you know, pictures are cute and all haha!
She has wonderful long hair, like all of us and I'm really enjoying braiding
her hair. Even though she might get a bit bored in the process.

The first one I made for her was just a basic fish tail braid. I wanted to know 
if I still could and oh my goodness it looks pretty even as I say it myself. 
I also tried to make her two french braids on top of her head, but that didn't 
go as planned. You can combine two different braids together to get a little 
twist to this. 

Second braid I did was a bit different. I think this would be great idea for the 
summer parties - formal ones or just hang outs with friends. Personally this 
was my favourite. 
Oh my, could I have someone to do this for me every day? I really can't braid 
my own hair, that kind of sucks to be honest. 
This is pretty loose but a few bobby pins and I think you're good to go with it. 
Just don't mosh with it haha! 

Last one was just a casual fish tail braid. I'm so in love with these type of 
braids - I don't know, even slightly obsessed or something. 

Do you braid your hair? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I think the one in the bun looks great. Nice post.

    Jay from http://EclecticElite.com

  2. Oot taitava tekemään lettejä! Mä tykkään varsinkin kahdesta hollantilaisesta letistä itselläni :)


  3. These look so beautiful! I wish I had someone living with me/close to me that was decent at braiding hair, cause I'm really bad at it myself :(

    1. Damn, maybe some day:-) I can't braid my own hair either :D

  4. These are so good!! No matter how much ever I try, I always fail with such hair styles!!

    1. Thank you :-) well - you should practise, I believe you'll be able to do them after that :-)

  5. You're great on it. I wish i could do the same. my hair gets easily upset.. i don't even do ponytail 😂

  6. You are great on it. I want to try but not sure if it works on my hair.

  7. ohhhh how pretty, I wish I could do such beautiful hair styles!

    1. All it takes is a little practise :-)

  8. This is gorgeous, I love the fishtail braids they look sooo good on your hair! I need to get practising for the Autumn time.
    L x
    The Quiet Resolution

    1. That's my little sister and I braided her hair but thanks! :D


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