Hello everybody!
I said I'll be back with a few reviews didn't I? Well, here I am.
For starters, these are my first ever NYX products and I'm glad
that I chose these ones to be the first ones. I'm really happy with
my purchases. And why so?

Oh and please excuse my face, I'm suffering about this thing called late 
teenage syndrome and my face is filled with spots! That's kind of amazing when 
you think that you've always wanted to have ones but never really got them. Now 
I do and it's super fun and refreshing. That wasn't even sarcasm. I really am happy 
about these few pimples. Even though, I'm not sure will they show in these pictures. 
Yea, back to the review. 

The packaging with this lip cream is basic lip cream packaging so I really don't 
have anything to say about that. I mean, it's useful and not so unique when it comes 
to lip product packagings. What's inside, that matters and in multiple occasions. 
First I wanted to review this shade called Abu Dhabi. I wasn't at first 
completely sure if it was going to fit to my 
skin tone but I'm really glad I took the risk and went for it. 
This has become one of my everyday lip products. I mean, it's slightly nude so no 
one will even notice that you've got something in your lips so that's really great when it 
comes to me who really doesn't want to bring a lots of attention to herself, 
(& yet I still have a blog). 
I love the shade of this and the product itself, it's mixture is kind of creamy - 
but if it wouldn't be creamy then it wasn't being called lip cream right? 

There's a one minus though that I have to admit. Even though the product itself is 
quite good, it's not so long lasting. I mean, maybe if it was a different colour it 
would last longer visible but I'm not used to carry around a lipstick or lip cream 
in this matter, so I might have to get used to that. 

Have you tried this? 
And oh, how was your weekend? I hope it was amazing! 


Hi there lovelies!
I've been thinking a lot about my future lately. What will I do?
Where do I see myself in five years? 
I've been thinking about me getting in to school to study digital
engineering, that would be wonderful - maybe next year though
because even studying as hard as I did, I wasn't accepted to the
school. Few points left out from the exam and I don't know, it doesn't
bug me at all. I'm used to it. 
I've been thinking about my work. I really do enjoy being there and
doing what I do. 
The main question is, will I be working there after employee
co-operation negotiations? 
I've just decided to go with the flow and what ever comes to the road
I'm currently walking on, that's somehow meant to be - even if it doesn't
feel like it in the first place.

So where do I see myself in five years? 
Earlier I would've answered that I would be a graduate, studied
technology and planning to get a job from my niche. Because this place
I'm currently working, is and always will be just a tiny pits stop in my life. 
Now that I'm not going to school yet, I think I'd see myself being a
senior at school studying the same thing in five years. Working on
the side of the studies or who knows, maybe blogging earns me
enough pocket money so I can focus to it and studying full time?
Nah, I don't think so, work it is. 

Even though I've had all this figured out quite a while now, I have a
different sight to this too. Going to school and getting a degree, then
well paid job have always been my priorities so I could secure future
for me and my future family. 
That's what I've been thinking lately too, I don't see myself without
having kids in next five years. 
I'll have to fit those to this plan too. So I really have no clue where
I'd be in five years. 
Maybe with a degree or with a kid, after all they're both huge
goals in my life. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 


Hello everybody! 
How are you doing? I've got something super exciting to share with you 
today, or at least this is super exciting for me though as I've never experienced 
any of these bath bombs before. Yes, I'm a bath bomb virgin. Never had one 
before and now I've got seven more! 
You must be thinking why I even went and bought all of these. You see, we 
have a bath tub in our flat over at Spain and we have been visiting there two 
times already and I've always been as excited about it. Never realised that 
there's a bath tub though. You know, bath tub. I've taken a bath plenty of times 
over there but as long as I can remember I've been frequently visiting at Lush 
store and smelled through all of these gorgeous bath products. 
As I said before I've got no experience about bath bombs and I'm more than 
excited to share my experience with you next month with plenty of reviews. 
I honestly can't wait for it! 


- Sex Bomb bath bomb, £2.92
- Tisty Tosty bath bomb, £2.92
- Sakura bath bomb, £3.50
- The Experimenter bath bomb, £3.54
- Fizzbanger bath bomb, £3.13
- Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, £4.13
- The Comforter bubble bar, £4.13

These all smells so wonderful, even though I wasn't that impressed with the 
smell of Sakura and Tisty Tosty ones - but I can't wait to find out how they're 
going to smell like after I've popped them into the water. 
Time to get that bath ready, glass of iced water and notebook with me and 

Have you ever tried any of these bath bombs or bubble bars before? 


Hello you bunch of lovely people on the other side of the screen

Today I wanted to share something personal with you, something
that I've been struggling with since 6th grade. You know, puberty
brings up so many changes in your body and the way you see yourself.
I'm still not comfortable in my own body and my self-esteem is pretty
freaking low because of this, but I have settled. I have realised that
these are the cards I was given in life and there's not much to do about
it if I don't win in lottery or something. Chances for that? Oh, one in a million.
So yes, as you can see from the title, I've got big boobs, breasts,
titties or whatever you like to call those. Now I'm sharing 5 reasons
with you why having ones really does suck. I mean really.
It's everyday battling.
Just remember, these are all my opinions based on my own experiences
- there's bunch of women who have big breasts and they're enjoying them.
They really like them and feel comfortable in their own bodies. I'm also
not mocking anyone who wants bigger boobs, I'm just here talking about
my organic real life boobs that I got on 6th grade for some random genetic
reasons. I mean, there's not this large boobs like anyone in our family so
why do I have to have ones?
Okay, let's cut the crap and get to the point.


If you want comfortable bra or bikini, go grandma or go home. At least
here in Finland. There's not much options for large breasted women to
choose if they want some sexy lingerie.
I mean, how amazing it would be just to walk to H&M and buy sweet,
lovely and cute bra - then wonder and look at how cute and adorable
those D-cups are and go home feeling awful about yourself.
That's kind of my secret hobby.


I was also on a search for bikinis on the other day with my little sister
and every single shop that I went, sizes ended to D-cup. Oh, and when
I actually found a cup that matched my boobs - circle was so huge that
there would fit two or three of me.
I mean, not only large women have large boobs. It's such a pain in the
ass to be small and have big boobs.
Oh, and when you really do find a perfect round, cup is too small. I've
seen two many bra-mistakes with people and with my little sister so I
feel comfortable to say that if you can't really find a size that fits you,
go home and try again later.


This is something I've came across too many times in my life and I also
believe that this combined larger breasts than average woman has, it's
self-esteem destroying combination. I can go to store and find that perfect
summer dress, not that I'm short and I already have to short the dress because
it's too long - I have to size it with my boobs. I hate the way clothing looks
when you can see clearly that it suits from everything else but not from there
where your boobs are hanging.
Thank goodness I know how to use sewing machine and I can short &
narrow my clothing from the parts it looks a bit too huge.
There was a point when I used to love hiding myself and buy tents to cover
up everything from the breast area, but thank goodness I don't do that anymore.
I'll try and try and try to find a good shirt or dress and then I'll just go with it.
I've never been a show off with these, so large cleavage is a huge no no for me too.


When I go to the bus, driver says hello to my boobs.
When I go to the store, cashier says hello to my boobs.
When I meet a new person, male particularly, he says hello to my boobs.
I've been "that girl who has huge boobs, you know her right?"
from the 6th grade.


My back of the neck is always stuck and now it's pretty much sore. My
posture is awful because these weight so much that my brawn can't hold
them. The fact that my back pain is surreal. The fact that last time I visited
a doctor about this he put me to go to the massage for three times and then
he said that I should do gymnastic exercises with a stick.
Yea, I tried - it doesn't help.
My self-esteem is low and I really don't feel good about myself.

There's just a few points, but I could think plenty of more too. It kind of
sucks, but I'm used to it. I'm here to play with the cards I was given, there's
not so many opportunities to go and choose new ones from the pack.

Have you ever had problems like this? 
Are you comfortable in your own body? 



Hi there lovelies!
Because this month and well, next month is pretty
much too - all about traveling,
I wanted to share my travel playlist with you. So go on
and enjoy these songs whether
you're on a roadtrip or just flying, going by train or
by bus to somewhere.
I think proper travel playlist is a must have when you're
traveling somewhere. It has to 
be filled with positive and uplifting songs. These all mean
something to me some how and I really do enjoy listening to these.

It's filled with some new songs, old songs and from every
genre I tend to listen to.
Okay, I usually listen to pop/punk but there's also a few
dance songs. I ended up deciding
these songs to this playlist just because they make me feel
awesome, especially when traveling.
Give it a listen and let me know what you think!



Hi there lovelies!
Don't we all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?
Well, I'm not anyone to say anything to that because only day I'm having a
proper breakfast is Sunday.
These Sundays are quite special to us. We're trying to have breakfast today every
Sunday if possible and past six months there only has been 2-3 Sundays when
we're haven't been together at the breakfast table.
Today I decided to gather you 3 quick and easy breakfast ideas to try at home
and let me tell you, these are delicious.
Let me know if you're going to try some of these!


- 4dl coconut milk
- 0,5dl orange juice
- 1 grated orange peel
- 2 eggs
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
- 2 teaspoon of sugar
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 2,5dl flour
- 1 teaspoon of baking powder

1. Mix all ingredients as a dough.
2. Let it puff up for 20minutes.
3. Cook in a frying pan to thin pancakes.


- 2 mangos
- 4 passion fruits
- 2 persimmons
- 2 mandarins
- juice from 1 lime to seasoning

1. Peel the fruits. Remove the seed from mangos.
2. Dice the fruits.
3. Slice the passion fruits and scoop insides to the cube mix.
4. Season with lime juice.

You can serve these two separately or together, just the way you like! Fruit salad
is super healthy and it includes plenty of vitamins for you to start your day.
Day filled with energy.
By the way Maija, I know you're reading this - I'll ask you not to say anything
because I know you're about to say something about this when I get back from
vacation. Lol.


- 500g raspberries
- 1dl icing sugar
- 8dl turkish yogurt
- 4 kiwi fruits
- muesli or cereal

1. Squash the raspberries.
2. Put mush through the stainer.
3. Add icing sugar & yogurt.
4. Pour mix in the cup, add muesli and diced kiwis
    & you're good to go!

That's pretty much it, 3 quick and easy breakfast ideas. Would you like to see
these kind of posts in the future? That would be awesome, because making of
these is so much fun!
Let me know if you're going to try any of these, talk soon!



Hi there lovelies
I just wanted to pop up and wish you a happy Monday. Sometimes Mondays feel like that your cup of coffee needs its own cup of coffee, but we all know this week is still going to be awesome. 
Like in the quote, maybe this day is not one of our favourites, but never forget that every day you wake up is an amazing gift and it's up to you to make it count. 
Love you all, have a lovely week! 


Hello everybody
Today's post is all about NYX soft matte lip creams. I managed to get my
hands to two lovely beauties. Okay, I can't say it like that. I just went to website and ordered two. I wanted to see myself what was
this hype all about.
All the bloggers I follow talks about these, my friends are talking about these and
even my little sister is all over NYX products. So I decided to give these a go.
First things first, I was amused about the way these came to my mailbox. They
were in a huge package. I mean, these products are so small and they've used a
huge cardboard box to deliver these. I mean why? Why not to put these in safe
envelope. Not in a thin one, but one of those safe ones.

So, back to the point. There's plenty of shade options to choose. I was amazed 
by the fact that once in my life I couldn't decide. I ordered these in shades 
Abu Dhabi is kind of nude when on the other hand Copenhagen reminds
me of a plum.
I've planned a review posts about these with swatches
so stay tuned for those!

Have you tried any of these yet?



Hi there lovelies!
My little sister was visiting us here in Helsinki last month around
Midsummer and I had this wonderful idea that I would braid her hair
once again. Also decided to blog about it.
I'm not a tutorial type of a person, so I might not be able to explain how
I made all of these - but you know, pictures are cute and all haha!
She has wonderful long hair, like all of us and I'm really enjoying braiding
her hair. Even though she might get a bit bored in the process.

The first one I made for her was just a basic fish tail braid. I wanted to know 
if I still could and oh my goodness it looks pretty even as I say it myself. 
I also tried to make her two french braids on top of her head, but that didn't 
go as planned. You can combine two different braids together to get a little 
twist to this. 

Second braid I did was a bit different. I think this would be great idea for the 
summer parties - formal ones or just hang outs with friends. Personally this 
was my favourite. 
Oh my, could I have someone to do this for me every day? I really can't braid 
my own hair, that kind of sucks to be honest. 
This is pretty loose but a few bobby pins and I think you're good to go with it. 
Just don't mosh with it haha! 

Last one was just a casual fish tail braid. I'm so in love with these type of 
braids - I don't know, even slightly obsessed or something. 

Do you braid your hair? Which one is your favourite?


Hi there lovelies!
I can't believe that today's my final day at work before 2-week-vacation
under the sun of Spain and inspired by that (not sure how I got inspired by that) I
wanted to share this lovely pasta recipe with you guys. It's meat-free so that's
a huge difference compared to my other recipes that have been sharing here.
Let's get to the recipe!

INGREDIENTS (serves 4) :

-  10 tomatoes
- 1/2dl olive oil
- 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
- 2 garlic nails
- 1dl shredded basil
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- black pepper for seasoning

You'll also need:
- 300g giglio pomodoro pasta
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- 150g goat cheese cubes


1. Wash tomatoes and cut crosses to their surface.
2. Flood tomatoes in the boiling water for a little while, then peel them.
3. Cut tomatoes, remove seeds and dice them.
4. Cook pasta, remove water and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
5. Mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and seasonings in the pot.
    Keep it in low heat, we don't want to boil anything.
6. Add tomato cubes.
7. Mix tomatoes & pasta, add goat cheese cubes and basil.




Hi there lovelies!
Now that I had to turn my plans around and end up with no posts
about our road trip to Kuusamo that never happened, I have been
really struggling with choosing the posts I want to publish. I wanted
to create something fresh to you instead so here I am, laptop on my
lap with a cup of coffee - my husband playing something random
game where he's supposed to hack something and avoid being kidnapped.
Here I am, almost alone - focusing on writing this post.
I could've had published something I've already written earlier - but the
perfectionist as I am, I just can't do it. I have already scheduled exact
dates for those posts and I don't feel like I'd like to change them.
Why to avoid the problem when you can solve it straight away?

photo credit: Svante Gullichsen

We've never been an average couple. Actually I think most of people 
think like that about their relationships but trust me when I say that 
we aren't. We're super weird. And that's the way he proposed me. 
I honestly can't remember the date and I don't think he will either but 
I had just spent a weekend alone at home whilst he was visiting his 
relatives on the other side of the country. I wasn't able to join in because 
I had work, like I usually do on Saturdays so I stayed home going to bed 
early and watching Netflix. 
When J finally arrived home, he sent me a snap via Snapchat asking will 
I be his bro for life and then got in from our front door. 
I sent him a snap back saying "hell yea" and then he popped the ring 
out of his pocket.
It wasn't anything big or massive but that was perfect for me. 

That's how he proposed me.