Well before the premier league if someone mentioned Leicester, I'm pretty sure 
half of you lot would be clueless. What I've seen about Leicester, and those who 
have visited the place can say is that it's a multicultural city. There are so many 
ethnicities, races and religions within the city, that makes me happy being 
part of the city.

Over the past couple of years, the city has developed a lot in terms of the places 
to visit and events. Which leads me to the main part of this blog post, my 
favourite places in Leicester
My top 4 places are, Gelato Village, Chaiiwala, Baker St Cakes, and Tinseltown
What they all have in common is that they are food places. It's been lovely to see 
how there are new stores opening of with different focal points.

Gelato Village has the best gelato's in the city and honestly I no longer feel like 
wanting ice cream. It's not the same as gelato’s like seriously. The store not only 
offers gelato, but they have waffles, hot drinks, cold drinks, gelollies and so 
many more items. 

Chaiiwala is another favourite store of mines, and the reason why is because of 
the Indian snack and drinks they provide. They have such delicious food, that it makes 
you want more. 

Baker St Cakes is a super cute boutique offering macarons and cupcakes. 
They are scrumptious, sweet, and flavoursome! 

And lastly Tinseltown, there’s always new food places opening up in Leicester, but when 
you want a filling burger and crispy fries, then Tinseltown is definitely the place. 
Plus with it being an American Diner, makes it even more great to visit. 

But there are other places other than food shops to go too. Leicester has about 4-5 parks. 
My personal two favorite ones are Abbey Park and Bradgate Park. Abbey park is perfect for 
families with kids because of choice between visiting a small maze, play area, cycling, picnics 
and seeing some animals. Whereas what I love about Bradgate Park is the scenery, hills and 
definitely perfect for a picnic as a couple or with friends.
I've come to love the various places Leicester has to offer us, and if you do visit the city, then 
there is something for you all. Different food cultured shops, attraction places like bowling, 
cinema, shopping, and many more. Hope you lovelies enjoyed the post!


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