I'm not a ring person. I've never worn rings on a daily basis and if I once did
wear a ring to somewhere, I took it off after an hour of wearing it because it felt awful.
Now I have to get used to wearing rings, because it's apparently the thing you do
when you get married.
Second of all, have you seen the prices with these wedding rings? Holy crap
they're expensive.
I almost fainted to the jewellery boutique when we went to buy these, thank
goodness J paid these, but still I felt horrible because I'm not used to expensive things.

The woman in the boutique was a bit confused when I said that "well, I don't know
about this, this is so expensive and I don't want him to buy me such an expensive things."
She said that I was the first one who had said stuff like that in that boutique and
usually other brides don't even look at the sale section.
This ring is so beautiful, it looks just like something I could wear. It's simple, it has
black diamonds (not sure if they're real, but it is shining so I call those diamonds)
and even my maid of honor who was with us said that it looks like it's made for me.
I absolutely adore this ring, it's amazing.

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. Yes honey, those are real diamonds. We got certificate of authenticity ;)

  2. So cute and dainty! :)

  3. This is beautiful, exactly the sort of style I'm looking for - thin and sparkly :) I totally agree that it's not about the price tag and to be honest I'd be freaked out walking around with thousands of pounds on my hand! The one I've found is like £100 lol xx

    1. I would've freak out with £100 ring too :D hahah, but it's just me.

  4. Oi miten kaunis ♥ Ihana ^^ En tiedä mitä muuta kommentoisin :D Äh, nätti~

    ♥ Sini |

  5. simplicity and elegance in one ring. Like you I am not use to wearing any ring.


    1. Thank goodness now I'm used to it :D


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