Hi there lovelies & happy Midsummer Eve!
It's so wonderful to have 3 days off, it feels like a mini vacation. We don't have
any special plans for this weekend, I guess we do like most of the finns and go to
grocery store to buy food for next 5 years, but instead of going to the cottage with
all that food - we'll be at home, eat it all in one evening and then roll around for
the next two days.
Do you have any special plans for the weekend &
do you celebrate midsummer at all?

Okay, what I was here to talk about in the first place.. We ordered our thank
you notes for our wedding guests from Cheerz is founded in France
and it is a company that prints your pictures to different forms.
They're specialised printing polaroids which is kind of the reason I wanted to
use their services.
I've ordered once there before, smaller polaroidssquare magnets and I
absolutely loved them. Quality is amazing and they deliver fast! Or maybe it's
because when they are delivering to Finland, it's inside Europe.
I was super happy with my order and pictures were just like they were supposed to be.
Thank you Cheerz & thank you to our amazing photographer Svante 
Gullichsen who's portfolio you'll be able to find here.

I was in touch with Katie from Cheerz and I was able to get you 4£ off
from your order using the code JENSR8, so go on and check what they 
have to offer you! 

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. Ihan käsittämättömän ihania kuvia ja tosi kiva idea kiitoskorteiksi!

    x Dora Marie //

  2. Mielettömän ihanat kiitoskortit! Kivan erilainen idea muutenkin, pidän kovasti 😊 Mun pitäisi alkaa vähitellen stressata meidän hääjuhlan teemaa, koristelua ja vähän kaikkea muutakin - en vaan jotenkin oo saanut siitä vielä kiinni. Naimisissa kyllä ollaan jo, mutta hääjuhla ajateltiin siirtää Kaliforniasta ja Carolinoista tulevien sukulaisten vuoksi selkeästi eteenpäin, joten juhlistetaan luultavasti ainakin kahden vuoden naimisissaoloa sitten joskus ensi vuonna, kunhan vaan hääjuhla pidetään. Pitääkin tutustua tarkemmin noihin sun hääpostauksiin ja katsoa, josko sieltä irtoaisi itsellekin jotain kivoja ideoita! 😊

  3. Lovely and beautiful photos of you and you husband on your wedding day. :) Did not know there was such a thing as a midsummer celebration will definitely look into that.

    1. Haha, I think that might be something that swedish & finnish people does celebrate? I'm not sure though, just guessing that it might be a scandinavian thing😄

  4. These photos are beautiful, you are absolutely glowing :).


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