Hello everybody!
I have an honor to announce to you that.. Wait what?
Yes, I have an honor to announce to you that after a full year living in
this apartment, we have finally done some changes here!
I don't know if we're lazy, slow or what but we are still having a few
moving boxes rolling around this apartment with no reason and
definitely no place to go. That's my next project, I'll promise.
Okay, we all know that I'm going to throw those things in to the
storage lot - we haven't needed that stuff in a year so why would
we suddenly need those now? I think I should take some of that
stuff to recycling centre. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.
After I've stuffed those all into our storage. Maybe in the next

A week ago when my little sister was visiting here in Helsinki I decided 
that I wanted to clean up our balcony. Oh my goodness what a mess that 
was and there's still windows left to wash. Can't wash those now, it's raining 
so badly and they would end up being dirty at the very second I'm finished
with it.
A little side note here, I absolutely hate washing windows. I don't
want to buy steam washer because I'm so old-fashioned and like to do
things in a hard way. I also am sure that when I'm able to wash windows 
without the help of my mother - I'm actually a grown up person who
can take care of her family, so yea. Adding this to the list of things I must
learn during this summer.
I washed the floor, vacuumed it and put all the furniture in the new order.
Well, table is still where it used to be but I've got one project with that
wooden box you saw in the last picture.
I'm going to paint it, that's my project. Over 1,5 years lasted project.
We'll get there.

I wanted to give our balcony a fresh look. Few greenery there and there.
Just so it would look like a place you would want to hang out because now
when I've officially quitted smoking that's only thing for me to do out there.
Hang out. Read a book. Take care of my plants. By the way, today I've been
smokefree for one week and that's kind of awesome - I mean, I don't even
feel like I want to go out and smoke a cigarette.
So, as I was saying, we went to IKEA last week and bought that shelf and
that tiny green house, few plants and oh, I stole that rug from our kitchen -
so our kitchen needs a new one.
I think it's still kind of unfinished, I can't wait for my herbs to grow so it
would look a bit more beautiful.
I want cute lights to hang from the roof, you know those lantern chains?
Small lanterns made of rice paper, it would give a cozy look for it for Autumn.

What do you think? Would you hang out there?

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. Oii ehottomasti mä hengailisin tuolla! Aivan ihana parveke♥ Sisustus on just mun makuun! :')

  2. Näyttää ihan superkivalta! ♥ Ja haha toi muuttolaatikkokohta kuulostaa niin tutulta. Ei mulla muuttolaatikoita oo, mutta oon pakannu monet mun tavarat laatikkoihin mun au pair vuoden ajaks, ja nyt voi vaan ajatella että mitäköhän ihmettä mä niillä muka kuvittelin tekeväni ku en oo niitä vuoteen kaivannut ollenkaan ja ovat edelleen siellä laatikoissaan :D

    ♥: Linda/Revontulipalo

    1. Hahaha, niin perus :D toi on meillä kans joka muutossa :D paitsi yhessä kun äitee tuli käymään muutama päivä mein muuton jälkeen "katsomassa" (lue: asettelemassa tavarat paikoilleen) mein uutta kämppää :D

  3. Oi miten ihanalta näyttää!♥ Upee :)


  4. Wow!! It looks really pretty. A real good job I must say... Looking at these pics makes me realize that my balcony could do with a makeover too! :)

    1. Hahah, I'm glad to hear that you liked it :-)

  5. Ihanan näköstä! Oot saanu siitä tosi viihtysän vähällä tavaralla. Jotenkin ihanan simppeli ja toi laatikkoistuin oli mulle rakkautta ensisilmäyksellä ;) Keitäppä kahvit, niin tuun ihailemaan lähempää... ;)

    x Dora Marie //

    1. tykkään tosi vähästä tavarasta :D en tiiä miks, mut kaikki simppeli on kivaa! Haha, kyl!

  6. Looks so cute, I would want to hang out there! :)

  7. Your balcony looks lovely! I wish I had an eye for interiors. I just can't imagine how things will look. Something for me to work on maybe. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. That's pretty easy to learn:-) let me know how it goes :-)

  8. I love the design of your place, it looks beautiful!xo

  9. Absolutely love this! I've always wanted to do something with my balcony but it's not in the greatest of locations and there's too many spiders and bugs!

    1. wow that sounds awful, have you tried insect repellent?


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