I've been on a few missions lately: daily blogging, working full-time, that wedding
thing from earlier, preparing myself for entrance exams and last but not least - I've
been on the mission to get rid of every single piece of clothing that I haven't been
using for ages.
My closet annoys me so bad and because it's full of everything I don't use even
that I could, it makes me even harder to buy anything new. Of course there's a
few clothes that are going to go straight to the good will or be recycled. During
this whole clothing sales thing I decided to sell them via Instagram. I set up an
account, edited bio, followed other same kind of accounts and used proper hashtags.
Now I've almost sold everyone of them. Yet again, everything has two sides.


+ everything is so simple, put your clothes online
and someone will buy them eventually.

+ everything is super easy to handle with IG DM's
and there's no need for e-mailing around.

+ when you set the price for everything to 1-5€,
they will more likely to get sold.

+ there's no auction, unless you say so.

+ you'll get to meet new lovely people.


- when you set up a meeting and the buyer
won't show up or cancel the meeting.

- when someone wants to buy something and
tries to get it lower than the start off price which
is (at least in my case) 1€ or something even more
ridiculously cheap compared to the quality of the
product. I mean, come on.

- when people are trying to sell something used
above it's original price.

- somebody are selling used cosmetics. I mean why?
Isn't it quite disgusting? It's not hygienic at all if you
ask me.

- when people start their sales speak with "I might
sell this if..."
You might sell it? What? Why do you even put it
there if you're not going to sell it but you do have an
account where you're selling your stuff? Oh gosh.

Do you have any experiences of IG second hand? 

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. I've never tried this but you should give Depop a go!

    1. Uuu! that sounds wonderful! I just downloaded Zadaa tho!


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