Hi there lovelies!
As you might have probably already noticed, would be kind of weird if
you haven't, I decided couple of months ago to become a daily blogger. I
still think it's a suicide mission, as I prefer to call it and now I'm about to
share some pros and cons about it. First of all I like to point out that when
I say that it's a suicide mission, I don't mean it in the proper sense of the word.
It's just a lot of work and somehow I managed to keep myself interested in this
for a three months now. I'm proud of my surprising new thing to show
commitment to one of things I consider as a hobby.
It's like dancing, huge commit and already in the every day schedule. It was
about a time already find something that I can truly dedicate and be interested
in, as you might know - I'm not able to dance anymore. I mean,
I could dance - but when you're used to do something 6 days a week and you
have to narrow it to max. 2 times a week because your feet argue against your
hobby, I won't be doing it at all.
I'm more of an all in or go home kind of person.


+ creating new content every single day
+ having a feeling that you've done something
+ even though I do this on a daily basis, it still doesn't
   feel like it
+ when being on a creative mood, I write more posts
   per day than usually and then there's something to share
   on days when I don't feel like creating content. I mean,
   I could have a two month vacation and I'd still have
   posts to share every day.
+ The posts don't have to be as long and full of everything.


- shooting pictures for your posts. I mean, it takes
  so much time and energy to lay it all out the way
  you want to. When can I hire someone do it for me?
  nah, I'm kidding! I actually like it too.
- scheduling tweets.
  oh my goodness, that feels like a work!
- promoting posts. I mean, it's every day thing to do.

Can't honestly find more cons of daily blogging, I really do enjoy it!
Are you a daily blogger? Can you relate to this?

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. You're doing a great job and you look lovely in those photos! x

  2. Alan vakavasti harkita ryhtyväni vaan sun valokuvaajaksi koska sun blogi elää pelkkää nousukiitoa 247. You're into something excellent guuuurl, keep up the good work! x Dora Marie //

    1. Hihihi pistän muistiin ku tarviin joskus valokuvaajaa ;)

  3. I blogged daily for an entire year and honestly it had a lo t of good more traffic but it's exhausting and I just don't have the time to consistently put out content

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Wow that's amazing that you've done it for so long! I'll try to write as much as I can in advance so it doesn't feel so exhausting - at least yet :D

  4. 100% agreeing with you!! ♡

  5. I honestly admire you, I've been dreaming about doing this just durin the summer because during the university year Med School is not leaving me much time for blogging, but I still found it very hard. I think it's an amazing thing you're doing, it truly reflects your commintment to your blog!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

    1. Wow you're in Med school? That's amazing :D I mean, it's time taking but totally worth it :)

  6. I don't know how you manage it. I spend 10 hours at work a day and study too. I wish I had time for blogging!xo

    1. It takes plenty of concentration and commitment :D I work the same amount as you do, I just don't have school (yet) :D can't wait how it'll work out when I combine school to this. It just need so much work!

  7. Joka päivä postaaminen on tosi ihailtavaa! Itse postaan 2-3 päivän välein ja välillä tuntuu, että sekin tahti on jo aivan liian raskasta :D. Sun blogia tulee kyllä luettua päivittäin ja hyvin oot onnistunut pitämään laadusta kiinni, vaikka postaat usein :)

    1. Ihana kuulla! Se on vähän tässä yrittänyt olla tarkotuksenakin hahah :D

  8. Iso hatunnosto ehdottomasti päivittäiselle bloggaamiselle! Mä en varmaan itse siihen pystyisi - ellei sitten olisi isoa kasaa julkaistavaa odottelemassa luonnoksissa. Mulle ehkä eniten stressiä aiheuttavat myöskin juuri kuvat - mistä revin sopivia kuvia tähän postaukseen, entä tuohon, ja niin edelleen.

    Ja niinkuin Nora tuossa sanoikin, oot ihailtavalla tavalla onnistunut pitämään postaukset myös todella laadukkaina siitäkin huolimatta, että postaat useasti! Laatuhan se helposti kärsii heti ensimmäisenä, joten ihan äärimmäisen ihailtavaa nähdä, että blogi ei sisällöllisesti ole kärsinyt, päin vastoin! Tykkään! :D

  9. I'm daily blogging for the first month that my blog is live! Then I'll do biweekly posts. This way, I have plenty of content on my blog! (P.S. totally agree with promoting! I feel like I've been doing it all day!)

    1. it sure does feel like doing it the whole day haha :D

  10. Wow! Everyday blogging is difficult. But you are so right - promoting and scheduling twitter posts are more exhusting. Understand you very well.

    1. Ahahha it's a true pain in the ass :D but somehow I kinda like it


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