Hi there lovelies
Today I wanted to talk to you about Instagram and self-esteem. I've seen a few these
kinds of posts lately and afterwards the idea of making a post about it on my own has
been on and off in my mind.
I've started to think about what Instagram can do to your self-esteem.
I have amazing Instagram account and no, I don't mean the content I'm sharing. I mean
the followers that I have there. They're amazing, leaving lovely comments and all.
I feel like somebody actually cares what I post there.
That sort of lifts up the mood in a good way and it's amazing.
Then I started thinking about youngsters and Instagram.
I made my Instagram account 4 years ago when I got my first smartphone and even
heard about that apps existence. 4 years ago I was 17-years-old.
My little sister is 14 and I believe that she was 12 or something when she got her
first smartphone, found Instagram and started posting photos there.
Where am I going with this?
Instagram was a bit different platform back then, 4 years ago when I posted my
first picture there.

Instagram was and still is, an amazing social media platform that allows you to keep 
up an micro blog (like Twitter), post pictures, like others pics, comment them & 
follow each other. 
When I uploaded my first picture there I was happy when it got 
likes. It made me feel better. 
At some point, the meaning of the likes has been settled down and I don't actually 
care about if my selfie has 100 or 11 likes. I know that there's people who thinks 
the likes are everything and growing followers is necessary. 
I want to ask the ones who think like that, is it worth it and how far are you willing to 
go to get likes and followers? 
On a daily basis, I see too many youngsters who in the desire of followers and likes 
posts pictures that they're going to regret one day. Is it worth it? 
The reason why I'm writing this post is because I'm worried. I'm worried that even 
younger and younger people sign up to Instagram and starts to post revealing 
pictures about themselves for likes and followers. 
In Instagram, it's necessary to understand that everything you see on the Internet 
isn't always the whole picture. If you see someone with a perfect body and flawless 
skin, that might not be the whole truth. 
If you see someone with perfect Insta feed, that might not be the whole picture either. 

Instagram is just another platform where we create 
our lives as we want it to be seen, 
not as it might really be. 

How many 12, 13 or 14-year-old realises this? 
What does it do to their self-esteem when growing up? 
I don't have any first hand experience about a bad self-esteem because of what there is on 
the Internet, but maybe because I was living my childhood back then when the Internet 
was this new remarkable thing and nobody haven't even imagined that there could be 
laptops, only rich people had computers and there wasn't any colours in your NOKIA3310. 
Only a snake game, which still is the best mobile game I've ever played if I'm 
completely honest here. 
But I know that the kids nowadays are suffering from it. 
I'm not saying that they all do, I'm not saying that Instagram is a bad thing. 
I'm not saying that children shouldn't be allowed to use apps and Internet. 
I'm saying, that if you're parent - look after your children, stalk them or no matter what 
but make sure that you don't let Instagram or any other social media platform to define 
them as a person with their self-esteem based on a likes and followers.
I'm saying, that if you see a lost child in the World Wide Web, guide those children 
to the right direction. Make sure that they know what consequences there is 
when posting stuff to Internet. Every picture, every word - even if you delete it, 
is still going to be out there somewhere. 

This whole rant might not make any sense to anyone, but I've been thinking 
about this for a really long time now and it has almost driven me nuts. 
I see people posting revealing pictures about themselves to get more likes.
I see people on FB & Twitter promoting their IG accounts wanting to more likes.
There's apps to get more likes and follows.
Let me ask you one question.
Is it really worth it?
Does likes define you as a person? They're just numbers that nobody really cares about. 
Don't build your self-esteem and the way you feel about yourself to a numbers that are only temporary in your life, focus to the stuff that really matters.  

lots of love, Jasmin.




  1. I think people just need to remember that life isn't like what you see on social media. I think people forget that! x


  2. Great! POst!

  3. Very well written! :) Totally agreed. At the end of the day, the numbers don't define us.


  4. Internet at all are kind fucked up things for kids/teens because they will grow with the idea that everybody have amazing lives but they only know how to take nice pictures. But at the same time, it is amazing to recreate yourself with pictures to post there. It will always be a love and hate war for me xD
    And I'm grateful to find some Suomi blogs, now I dont feel so alone in here :3
    | A Bela, não a Fera| | Tô RYCA na Finlândia|| FB Page A Bela, não a Fera|

    1. I completely agree with you, well said!


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