Hi everybody, my name is Dora and I'm keeping a blog called Dora Marien and 
as you most likely already guessed, I am honored to be guest blogging for Jasmin! 
My blog is maybe closest to a lifestyle blog - I'm interested in food, photography, 
interior, fashion and sometimes I just write whatever comes into my mind. 

 I wanted to share a salad recipe with you today as it's summer here (not summer 
weather though..) and during the summer season I enjoy eating a bit lighter and 
I give up all the heavy steaks and pastas.

You will need: 

- Fresh salad. Grab a few different salads so you get different colors 
and it makes the salad more interesting. 
- Strawberries. Because it's summer! Summer & Strawberries 
are the perfect combo. 
- Canary Melon/Honeymelon. It's sweet, fresh and delicious. 
- Finnish squeaky cheese. I know this sounds weird, but it's absolutely delicious. 
If you don't have any available, Halloumi cheese or Mozzarella 
cheese are great options. 
The amount of ingredients you need depends on how many eaters there'll be. 

Wash the salads and cut the strawberries and peel and cut the melon (remember 
to take the seeds out before cutting, spoon is great for that!). Mix them together 
on a large plate. Don't ''stir'' too hard, as the salad easily gets squashed and wet 
and ugly. So be kind and gentle to your salad. 
If you got the finnish squeaky cheese, put it on a pan with oil for few minutes, 
so it melts a little. Then let it cool down, cut it into little pieces and throw in the 
salad. Serve with beautiful plates and some extra meat or bread if desired and 
ENJOY in good company! 

* If you used halloumi, just fry it on the pan, let it cool, cut and throw in.
* If you used mozzarella, cut it and throw it in cold.

I hope to see you all in my blog, and remember to leave comments if you try 
this, as they make both Jasmin and me happy! Have a great Sunday!


  1. Niin ihania kuvia ja ai että miten kauniita luonnonkukat onkaan ♥

    1. Whii, kiitos :--) luonnonkukat on kyllä yks kesän ihanimpia asioita! x Dora Marie //

    2. Parasta on kun pääsee ne itse poimimaan :-)

  2. I'm pretty unadventurous with my salads but I think my sister would love something like this, especially if I put a little mozarella in it.

    1. I think it's worth a try then ;) And if she doesn't like it you'll get to eat it all by yourself! x Dora Marie //

    2. I hope your sister likes it! :-)

  3. Looks amazing!

    1. Thankyou<3! Maybe you should gather your family and friends together and try it out too? :-) x Dora Marie //

    2. I know I'm going to try this!


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