1st of May

One of my favourite moments happened when we visited in my hometown and I 
got to see my childhood friends and play beer pong for the very first time. It was so 
much fun. I actually wrote a post about that day so make sure you click here to read it. 
I also saw my little brother after a really long time and that's always the most 
amazing thing. 

5th of May

Bunch of my childhood friends arrived to Helsinki to help us with wedding 
planning and later that night we went to sports bar nearby and I realised that 
I'm pretty good at darts. 
That was such a fun night!

7th of May

This was the day I married the love of my life, so basically that's kind of a huge thing.

13th of May

Friday the 13th, my lucky day (just a little side note). We went to a museum with two
of my co-workers and it was such a refreshing thing to do, spend Friday evening
at the museum. Highly recommend. 
I've got two posts planned for later about this and I can't wait to share them with you

17th of May

Okay, this might sound little random but one of the greatest moments from this 
month was to get back to work after a vacation. It was wonderful to get back to the 
old routines and have those coffee breaks with Mika always at 7AM & 9AM. 
Oh those routines. 

21st of May

We went out with work buddies, watched Finland winning Russia in ice hockey, 
got drunk and ended up to McDonald's. Had a blast.
I was awake for 25 hours so that's it for the refreshment in this day called 
refreshment day hahah.
I actually made a post about that day too, so go check it out by clicking here.

28th of May

On 28th of May one of my life lasting dreams got true. Sounds kind of cheesy 
to me to say something like that, but it's absolutely true. 
I finally saw Simple Plan live. The gig was everything I expected and more. 
It was just amazing. 
To read all about it, click here!

So that was my month in a nutshell, how was your May? 

lots of love, Jasmin.


  1. Looks like a fun month! I haven't ridden a bike in ages, it can get pretty tiring ;)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

    1. It is surprisingly tiring yea :D oh my !


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