Hi there lovelies
It has been a while since I've done last post under the home tag so it's about a
time to start making a new ones. It's always accepted to dream right? So a little
disclaimer before I start this post series called "Dream house inspiration" I must
say that we're not planning to move anywhere at the moment. It's all about the saving
 right now, so maybe someday we'll get our very own flat, not yet.

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I wanted to start this off from bedroom, because it's the place in your home
where you're going to spend a plenty of time sleeping and for other activities. 
It's important to feel good in your bedroom.
We've been saving, or well saving, for a new bed for a while now. It just seems 
to be a bit hard when you think that beds aren't really that expensive if you've 
got right place to look. 
It's just that we might be a bit lazy. We've already got a bed so we don't hurry 
with a new one. Even though the bed we're having now is awful to sleep on. 
I love the Scandinavian vibes that comes across from this picture. Especially 
that headboard, its gorgeous. And with those lights - the dream.
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That night stand is absolutely beautiful, and when I know how pricey my 
taste is - I can't even imagine what it costs. Also the wallpaper looks great, 
but will it be something you might get easily bored? Not sure though.

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I absolutely adore different kind of lights and the mood they bring during a 
different seasons. Also I'm in love with small details, so those tiny shelves took 
my attention. I mean look at them, how adorable are they!?

-pic credit-
Those sheets got my attention in this one, black and white - always works with me. 
And that night stand is super pretty too. 

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I absolutely adore all kinds of different wallpapers and if there's a quote, they're 
visually appealing and somewhat capable to frame, I most certainly buy them. 
My co-worker introduced me this website called sealoe.se and I'm so obsessed to 
their prints, so beautiful. I haven't ordered anything from there yet, but when the 
right time comes I will. 

lots of love, Jasmin.


  1. These images are simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy

  2. I love the 3rd picture down, that is my taste! I spend a lot of time on pinterest trying to get ideas for my home so I loved this! xo


  3. Omg I love looking at room inspiration and you can't go wrong with fairy lights! x


  4. Loving the inspo, makes me want to completely change around my room. I'm always looking for new blogger friends and I love your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


  5. omg your blog is beautiful! I love this post !



  6. OMG! The bedroom with the map is just TO DIE FOR!


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