DAY WITH ME | 200616

Hi there lovelies! 
It's time to continue my story about what I did last weekend, or well, weekend 
and weekend - this was Monday. 
As I told in my last day with me post, I was visiting Petra in Turku. We woke 
up pretty early, around 7AM because Iida had to go to her ship so she could get 
to Åland and Petra and I went to work. 
Yeah, day off and work sounds wonderful combination. 
Haha, it was super fun though! 

cat shirt - ROMVE
jeans - DR.DENIM
shoes - VANS (not that you could see them lol)

Petra is marketing manager for Morrow Games and I got to go to see what 
her day includes. It was so fun! Like she said, there's not a day that's same.
At first, they had a meeting where they discussed about their game and where 
they're heading with it. After the meeting, there was bunch of e-mails sent to 
all different people and companies.
I also got to keep them small Twitter 101 course, where I talked about 
Twitter in general, tweeting, using Tweetdeck to schedule tweets and about 
shorting URL's. It was fun! 
Around 1PM we went to hear Torulf Jernström, founder of company called 
Tribeflame to talk about monetising and especially monetising mobile 
applications & mobile games. It was so interesting. 
He was also such a good speaker and it was fun. Although when I go to 
school to study information technology - games won't be the main point 
of my studies. On a side subject tho, why not?

After the workday we went to see some of her friends and played with 
PS4 with a cup of coffee and just hung out. It was fun and relaxing. 
Loved the weekend, I wish I could visit there more often! 

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. Kiva postaus! Rakastuin tohon pyöräkuvaan <3 Tykkään, kun kirjotat englanniksi, siinä tulee itsellekin harjoitusta.

    1. Ihana kuulla! Kiitos :-) Mulle se tulee jotenkin vähän luonnollisemmin jostain kumman syystä kirjoittaa englanniksi. Mun teksti on vähän vähemmän tönkköä sillon :D ja mikäs siinä kun kerran tykkää!

  2. Great post gal! Your OOTD Cat shift is so cute! x


  3. Great post! I love your cat shirt xx

    1. It's so adorable, I can't believe that I haven't used it since last fall!

  4. Sounds like so much fun!


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