Hi there lovelies
Okay, I must admit. It has been a while since I've last posted anything under the
home-tag and sometimes I even wonder by myself why does that tag even
exists here.
Now there's a proper use for it and I'm here to show you the coolest purchase
I've done in a while.
Some of you might know how we don't have clock ticking around here in our apartment.
Or well actually, we do - only one but it's somewhere in the storage unit and personally
I don't even want to go to look for it.
This was just too adorable to leave behind.

We don't have a proper place for it, like we don't have a place yet to that wall
decoration piece I bought in February but that doesn't matter. When that wall piece
is on the wall, so will this clock founded its place.
It's just freaking adorable.

What do you think, IN or OUT?

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. Ooh, aivan ihana kello! <3 IN ehdottomasi :) sulla on tosi mukava blogi!

  2. this is literally the cutest clock I have ever seen?! It looks like something from the 80's!


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