Whoah how time flies fast by! It's June already. June. I mean it feels like 2016 just 
started and now we're here halfway through the year. It's time to share those beauty 
favourites and I know I know, I kind of forgot last month but here they are again! 
Let's get to the favourites shall we? 

LUSH Roots hair treatment

Okay, you might be wondering why I even own this thing because my hair is pretty 
much far away from thin hair. It's because of my scalp. 
Before I ordered this I made some research what would be good for my scalp because 
it tends to get super dry every now and then and this came up. I wanted to try it and 
here we are. It has been super helpful for my dry scalp and I'm happy that I 
found this product. 
Oh and the way you feel when it's on, is amazing. 

P.S. LOVE THIS Makeup brush cleanser

I bought this one from Primark when we we're in Spain last year and damn 
that's good stuff. Unfortunately I'm running out of it soon, but on the other hand 
we're going to Spain this year so Primark here I come! 

VICTORIA'S SECRET Perfect Condition hand cream

Yea well, it's not only my scalp that tends to get dry every now and then and my 
hands need to be moisturised too. This smells good, it makes my hands feel good and 
it's just a cute pink little tube. 

THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Body Sorbet

I love this body cream just because it smells like strawberries. I want to smell like 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION LONDON Fortune Favours the Brave by 

When I first saw this palette I decided that I have to get my hands to it. It's just 
wonderful with all the shades I already almost have in other palettes but that was just 
too gorgeous to leave to the website. 

lots of love, Jasmin. 



  1. I love that body shop gel moisturizer too! Makes your skin feel so great after - and it is so light ♡

  2. *runs to buy that eyeshadow palette* x

  3. Ooh, that hair treatment sounds lovely! I've only tried one thing from LUSH and loved it! So, I definitely plan on trying more from them :)


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