Hey happy Monday you lovelies over that side of the screen
How was your weekend? Mine was epic.
During the weekend I managed to go to see 5 Seconds of Summer live
celebrated my upper secondary school buddy's graduation and ended up 
driving to my hometown with a tiny hungover left from that sparkling wine I 
drank on Saturday. 
Yesterdays quick trip was because my childhood friend Jenni had her graduation party, 
so we popped up over there. We had such a fun weekend, bit different when it comes to 
the next one - but more from that in other post later this week. 
Now it's all about 5 Seconds of Summer. 

I don't usually bring my camera to the gigs I go to, mainly because they can get 
easily broken and it's like going with your child to somewhere. You have to keep 
on eye to it, all the time. No matter what, if you have a camera with you - you have 
to keep on eye to it. So that's why all these and future pictures I take from different 
gigs are taken with my iPhone. 
5 Seconds of Summer was great, I'm actually glad that I went to see those guys live. 
I mean, they're not Simple Plan but the pop punk genre is the same, so they play 
music that is somewhat enjoyable. 
Simple Plan just have a much more experience performing and while I was watching 
these guys to do their thing, I was a little bored to be honest. (Sorry to all the fans out there.) 
Why? Because they were basically just standing there and playing their instruments 
whilst singing. I mean, it's pop punk - move a little. 
They had their breakthrough whilst being a warm up band for One Direction
so that might be explaining the next thing I'm about to say. 
I felt old. 
I mean like freaking old. 
Random young married couple in the sea of teenage girls.
I felt old. 
It made me feel old.
Like super old.
Have I said it enough? I felt old. 
And my ears were probably bleeding afterwards, because holy fuck those girls are 
screaming loudly. 
Okay, I might be too old. 
The gig was okay tho, totally worth the money that went to the tickets. 
I'd go to see these again.

Have you seen 5SOS live?

lots of love, Jasmin.


  1. I'm not a massive fan of their music but I've heard they always put on such great shows x

    1. Yea well, lights were great, music was good but otherwise I was a bit bored :D

  2. Mäkin haluun keikalle! Olis siistiä kuunnella Linkin Park kolmannen kerran, Imagine Dragons, Sia ja muita kääh!

    ♡ Sini | myblog-bysini.blogspot.fi

    1. Noniin noniin, nyt vaan kato lippuja ostelemaan! :D Meillä onki oikeen kunnon keikkakesä tiedossa ;)

  3. Hope you enjoyed yourself! (:


    1. It was cool, thanks for your lovely comment :-)


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