Hi there lovelies
I decided to take a part to this lovely tag I've seen around the Internet, let's
see how it went down!

So basically, the point of this tag is to come up with 100 creative or less-creative blog 
post ideas in 30 minutes. As an idea it sounds easy tho, I mean 30 minutes and 
100 topics - that couldn’t be that hard after all? Right? Right? 
I wanted to do this completely without any technical devices so I left my laptop 
to our bedroom and went to create this post in our kitchen. 
Our kitchen is like a creative space for me. 
Before I started writing down the ideas, I wanted to make sure that my brain is 
in a mood for that so I prepared myself with a tiny amount of research, 
watching creative pictures and sipping my cup of coffee. 
Refilled my coffee cup and I was ready to go!

Here’s what I came up with in 30 minutes! 
  1. beauty reviews
  2. movie reviews
  3. restaurant reviews
  4. lists
  5. recipes
  6. ootd
  7. ootn
  8. daily makeup
  9. personal story
  10. wish lists
  11. playlists
  12. goals for the future
  13. tips
  14. food recipes
  15. baking recipes
  16. drink recipes
  17. easy DIY’s
  18. hard DIY’s
  19. guide for perfect eye brows
  20. IN/OUT posts
  21. TAG posts
  22. ”DAY WITH ME” - posts
  23. introduce your pet to your readers
  24. share things that are making you happy
  25. 100 blog post ideas in 30 minutes
  26. your blogging process
  27. host a giveaway
  28. Q&A post
  29. monthly favourites
  30. chatty posts
  31. where do you want to travel to?
  32. goals for the year
  33. TOP5 lipsticks/mascaras/etc.
  34. suggest bloggers
  35. HOW TO - posts
  36. pros & cons about something
  37. vlog
  38. interview someone
  39. instagram round-up
  40. blog round-up
  41. guest posts
  42. FAQ post
  43. Day in the life in pictures
  44. what’s in my bag? -post
  45. what’s in my makeup bag? -post
  46. pinterest themed post
  47. inspirational posts
  48. motivational Monday quote
  49. home tour
  50. closet tour
  51. share your routines
  52. 5 things you couldn’t live without
  53. tell about your family
  54. got any weird habits? share them! 
  55. what’s your dream job?
  56. what’s your dream house like? 
  57. Share the places you’ve visited with your readers
  58. why questioning stuff is so easy?
  59. what was your favourite food when growing up? share the recipe.
  60. what to do on a rainy day
  61. travel tips
  62. beauty tips
  63. hair tips
  64. morning routine
  65. share your Snapchat my story
  66. create a post from your tweets
  67. how to get rid of the writers block?
  68. copy a celebrity look
  69. haul your recent purchases
  70. nail/hair/makeup tutorials
  71. round-up your favourite bloggers
  72. tell about your dreams
  73. … or nightmares
  74. FOTD (face of the day)
  75. everyday essentials
  76. tips for a newbie blogger
  77. healthy recipes
  78. what’s your favourite breakfast?
  79. tell about your favourite restaurant
  80. tell about your childhood home
  81. opinion post
  82. book review
  83. satirical post
  84. tell about yourself
  85. write about an event
  86. take a challenge
  87. self-analysis post
  88. share your bad habits
  89. … or good ones! 
  90. festive inspired post
  91. best advice you’ve had
  92. your work out routine
  93. update your old post
  94. day in your head - list your thoughts  
  95. how to do something differently
  96. tell why you started blogging
  97. your hobbies
  98. 21 things to do before you’re 22
  99. make your BF/GF to write a post for you
  100. life hacks you’ve learned

I had 3 minutes left when I finished, whoa. I never thought it would be that hard 
to be honest. I felt like time was running out whilst listing these stuff. 
I don’t know why so though, I believe that it’s because of the time limit. You 
know you got 30 minutes so instead of letting your creativity to run free you 
focus to the timer.
As an experience this was super refreshing and I would do it again. 
Let me know if you’re about to try this!

lots of love, Jasmin.



  1. These are absolutely wonderful post ideas for bloggers. And I know this post will help so many bloggers who need it. Beautiful post.

    Kia / KTS

  2. So many great ideas! x

  3. these are great ideas you have come up with. I would struggle to come up with that many in 30 minutes!


  4. You did an awesome job! I don't think I could've come up with 100 ideas in half an hour ;)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  5. Tonnes of good ideas here! Giving me more inspiration for future blog posts!

  6. This is such an interesting experiment! I think I'll try something like this as well next time I'm struggling with content.

    Also in terms of the list you came up with, I would so love to see more movie reviews on people's blogs!



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