Hi there lovelies!
Summer is already halfway through, no I don't want to depress you or anything,
just clearing the facts out here and I wanted to do a tiny recap to my summer bucket
list post I published in March.
I want to know what I haven't done yet and start doing those before the
summer is over.
Have you been through your bucket list?

Okay, so this is what I've been up to. I have eaten plenty of more 
fruits than I usually do and berries too, oh my goodness I think I have 
to be obsessed with blueberries. I eat them all the time, literally. I've 
always have a box of blueberries in our fridge. 
Healthier lifestyle basically includes these fruits and all and I really 
went jogging once or twice. 
I have been to three concerts now and two awaits. I visited family, in 
the happy meaning and a bit sad meaning too, 
great grandma - rest in peace.
I got married, WHAT? I really got married! Still haven't used to my new 
last name though. 
I have almost forgotten last summer, that was absolutely horrible to be 
honest and I've eaten new potatoes with butter almost every day. Pizza 
has been quite frequently in the menu too. Sleeping late on Sundays and 
saving money from every pay check. So wonderful. 
I feel like I've accomplished something! 


Hi there lovelies!
As you might have probably already noticed, would be kind of weird if
you haven't, I decided couple of months ago to become a daily blogger. I
still think it's a suicide mission, as I prefer to call it and now I'm about to
share some pros and cons about it. First of all I like to point out that when
I say that it's a suicide mission, I don't mean it in the proper sense of the word.
It's just a lot of work and somehow I managed to keep myself interested in this
for a three months now. I'm proud of my surprising new thing to show
commitment to one of things I consider as a hobby.
It's like dancing, huge commit and already in the every day schedule. It was
about a time already find something that I can truly dedicate and be interested
in, as you might know - I'm not able to dance anymore. I mean,
I could dance - but when you're used to do something 6 days a week and you
have to narrow it to max. 2 times a week because your feet argue against your
hobby, I won't be doing it at all.
I'm more of an all in or go home kind of person.


+ creating new content every single day
+ having a feeling that you've done something
+ even though I do this on a daily basis, it still doesn't
   feel like it
+ when being on a creative mood, I write more posts
   per day than usually and then there's something to share
   on days when I don't feel like creating content. I mean,
   I could have a two month vacation and I'd still have
   posts to share every day.
+ The posts don't have to be as long and full of everything.


- shooting pictures for your posts. I mean, it takes
  so much time and energy to lay it all out the way
  you want to. When can I hire someone do it for me?
  nah, I'm kidding! I actually like it too.
- scheduling tweets.
  oh my goodness, that feels like a work!
- promoting posts. I mean, it's every day thing to do.

Can't honestly find more cons of daily blogging, I really do enjoy it!
Are you a daily blogger? Can you relate to this?

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hello everybody!
I have an honor to announce to you that.. Wait what?
Yes, I have an honor to announce to you that after a full year living in
this apartment, we have finally done some changes here!
I don't know if we're lazy, slow or what but we are still having a few
moving boxes rolling around this apartment with no reason and
definitely no place to go. That's my next project, I'll promise.
Okay, we all know that I'm going to throw those things in to the
storage lot - we haven't needed that stuff in a year so why would
we suddenly need those now? I think I should take some of that
stuff to recycling centre. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.
After I've stuffed those all into our storage. Maybe in the next

A week ago when my little sister was visiting here in Helsinki I decided 
that I wanted to clean up our balcony. Oh my goodness what a mess that 
was and there's still windows left to wash. Can't wash those now, it's raining 
so badly and they would end up being dirty at the very second I'm finished
with it.
A little side note here, I absolutely hate washing windows. I don't
want to buy steam washer because I'm so old-fashioned and like to do
things in a hard way. I also am sure that when I'm able to wash windows 
without the help of my mother - I'm actually a grown up person who
can take care of her family, so yea. Adding this to the list of things I must
learn during this summer.
I washed the floor, vacuumed it and put all the furniture in the new order.
Well, table is still where it used to be but I've got one project with that
wooden box you saw in the last picture.
I'm going to paint it, that's my project. Over 1,5 years lasted project.
We'll get there.

I wanted to give our balcony a fresh look. Few greenery there and there.
Just so it would look like a place you would want to hang out because now
when I've officially quitted smoking that's only thing for me to do out there.
Hang out. Read a book. Take care of my plants. By the way, today I've been
smokefree for one week and that's kind of awesome - I mean, I don't even
feel like I want to go out and smoke a cigarette.
So, as I was saying, we went to IKEA last week and bought that shelf and
that tiny green house, few plants and oh, I stole that rug from our kitchen -
so our kitchen needs a new one.
I think it's still kind of unfinished, I can't wait for my herbs to grow so it
would look a bit more beautiful.
I want cute lights to hang from the roof, you know those lantern chains?
Small lanterns made of rice paper, it would give a cozy look for it for Autumn.

What do you think? Would you hang out there?

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hello everybody
Pay day is the best day. This month it meant for me that I could finally do some
LUSH shopping and refilling to my collection.
I love Lush products pretty much because they're environmental and I haven't found
a single product from them that wouldn't suit my skin. So I'll be always recommending
Lush if I get a chance to, of course - only for the products I've used so far.


You might remember this from my earlier Lush posts. Or at least I think so, not
sure, but I believe that this product have been appearing over here at least at
some point.
It has been a complete saviour for my dry skin, especially during Winter - so
why wouldn't I buy more? I absolutely love it.
I ran out of it couple of months ago but couldn't purchase a new one before now.
Face has been saved once again!


I had Coffee 'O' Cup and I ran out of it. Now I wanted to try something a bit
different. It promises to make your skin soft and I've tried this couple of times
now and it sure does what it promises, also leaving a fresh scent to my face.
How do I know it does its thing? I noticed it. I noticed it so well that after the
first time I used it, I ran all over the place at work and asked people to touch
my face because it felt so soft. That's how.

Have you tried these? Or any else Lush products?

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies
It has been a while since I've done last post under the home tag so it's about a
time to start making a new ones. It's always accepted to dream right? So a little
disclaimer before I start this post series called "Dream house inspiration" I must
say that we're not planning to move anywhere at the moment. It's all about the saving
 right now, so maybe someday we'll get our very own flat, not yet.

-pic credit-
I wanted to start this off from bedroom, because it's the place in your home
where you're going to spend a plenty of time sleeping and for other activities. 
It's important to feel good in your bedroom.
We've been saving, or well saving, for a new bed for a while now. It just seems 
to be a bit hard when you think that beds aren't really that expensive if you've 
got right place to look. 
It's just that we might be a bit lazy. We've already got a bed so we don't hurry 
with a new one. Even though the bed we're having now is awful to sleep on. 
I love the Scandinavian vibes that comes across from this picture. Especially 
that headboard, its gorgeous. And with those lights - the dream.
-pic credit-
That night stand is absolutely beautiful, and when I know how pricey my 
taste is - I can't even imagine what it costs. Also the wallpaper looks great, 
but will it be something you might get easily bored? Not sure though.

-pic credit-
I absolutely adore different kind of lights and the mood they bring during a 
different seasons. Also I'm in love with small details, so those tiny shelves took 
my attention. I mean look at them, how adorable are they!?

-pic credit-
Those sheets got my attention in this one, black and white - always works with me. 
And that night stand is super pretty too. 

-pic credit-
I absolutely adore all kinds of different wallpapers and if there's a quote, they're 
visually appealing and somewhat capable to frame, I most certainly buy them. 
My co-worker introduced me this website called sealoe.se and I'm so obsessed to 
their prints, so beautiful. I haven't ordered anything from there yet, but when the 
right time comes I will. 

lots of love, Jasmin.

DAY WITH ME | 200616

Hi there lovelies! 
It's time to continue my story about what I did last weekend, or well, weekend 
and weekend - this was Monday. 
As I told in my last day with me post, I was visiting Petra in Turku. We woke 
up pretty early, around 7AM because Iida had to go to her ship so she could get 
to Åland and Petra and I went to work. 
Yeah, day off and work sounds wonderful combination. 
Haha, it was super fun though! 

cat shirt - ROMVE
jeans - DR.DENIM
shoes - VANS (not that you could see them lol)

Petra is marketing manager for Morrow Games and I got to go to see what 
her day includes. It was so fun! Like she said, there's not a day that's same.
At first, they had a meeting where they discussed about their game and where 
they're heading with it. After the meeting, there was bunch of e-mails sent to 
all different people and companies.
I also got to keep them small Twitter 101 course, where I talked about 
Twitter in general, tweeting, using Tweetdeck to schedule tweets and about 
shorting URL's. It was fun! 
Around 1PM we went to hear Torulf Jernström, founder of company called 
Tribeflame to talk about monetising and especially monetising mobile 
applications & mobile games. It was so interesting. 
He was also such a good speaker and it was fun. Although when I go to 
school to study information technology - games won't be the main point 
of my studies. On a side subject tho, why not?

After the workday we went to see some of her friends and played with 
PS4 with a cup of coffee and just hung out. It was fun and relaxing. 
Loved the weekend, I wish I could visit there more often! 

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies & happy Midsummer Eve!
It's so wonderful to have 3 days off, it feels like a mini vacation. We don't have
any special plans for this weekend, I guess we do like most of the finns and go to
grocery store to buy food for next 5 years, but instead of going to the cottage with
all that food - we'll be at home, eat it all in one evening and then roll around for
the next two days.
Do you have any special plans for the weekend &
do you celebrate midsummer at all?

Okay, what I was here to talk about in the first place.. We ordered our thank
you notes for our wedding guests from Cheerz.com. Cheerz is founded in France
and it is a company that prints your pictures to different forms.
They're specialised printing polaroids which is kind of the reason I wanted to
use their services.
I've ordered once there before, smaller polaroidssquare magnets and I
absolutely loved them. Quality is amazing and they deliver fast! Or maybe it's
because when they are delivering to Finland, it's inside Europe.
I was super happy with my order and pictures were just like they were supposed to be.
Thank you Cheerz & thank you to our amazing photographer Svante 
Gullichsen who's portfolio you'll be able to find here.

I was in touch with Katie from Cheerz and I was able to get you 4£ off
from your order using the code JENSR8, so go on and check what they 
have to offer you! 

lots of love, Jasmin.


DAY WITH ME | 190616

Hi there lovelies!
It has just recently hit me, I haven't done any day with me posts this month at all
and now it's time to make some changes. Last weekend I was visiting over at one of
my best friends house in a complete different city, so I decided to go for it and
photograph the whole thing. With snapchats of course haha. My weekend was
pretty freaking awesome and lots of wonderful things happened.
I'll get back to you with those later, but now - what did you guys got up
to last weekend?

I woke up at 7:30AM and oh my goodness how refreshing that was! I can't 
remember a day when I got to sleep that late. Well, late and late. For me it felt 
like I've slept 10-12hours like a baby because I'm used to those 4AM mornings. 
I did some blogging at first, then I woke up J so he could drink a coffee with me 
and after he got to the kitchen when I was doing my makeup he decided to put 
some garlic baguette in the oven. That was such a wonderful breakfast. 
I also tried to pack my bag whilst eating and it didn't end up well. 

I was supposed to head to the downtown by a bus that left from my stop at 11:21. 
Did I make it there? Well, I sure did not. Not that I wasn't early at the bus stop 
waiting for the bus - but the fact that I realised that I had left my iPhone charger to home. 
I realised it 3 minutes before the bus got to the stop, so I couldn't help it - I had to
head back to home to get that charger. 
Thank goodness J was able to drive me to the city, because I would've miss my bus 
to Turku as a thanks for forgetting my charger. 
When I got to my another bus, the bus was filled with people. It was absolutely 
I'd rather go by train, but when the train ticket costs you 36€ per/way & bus will 
cost 3-10€ so there's not much wondering why I and all those other people 
choose to go by bus. 

After I left Helsinki, there was a woman sitting next to me in the bus. She was 
eating sandwich with salmon and I absolutely hate the way fish smells. I felt so 
nauseous the whole drive to Turku, thanks to that sandwich. Oh, and it wasn't 
only that sandwich - she ate literally the whole 2-hour-trip something. 
When I finally got to Turku Petra was there waiting for me. We went to her friends 
house before Iida showed up and from there we headed to the Petra's apartment. 

It was so wonderful to see both of those girls after a really really long time and I 
loved the gossips we shared afterwards. You know when you have those friends 
with who it feels like you were never apart? Hold on to those. 
I mean, I haven't seen Iida literally for 2 years and yet it still felt like that it really 
wasn't that long ago. 
Saturday was pretty awesome! 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


I mentioned few posts back, how I went to museum with my co-workers Maija and 
Emma. We went to see The Museum Of Broken Relationships - exhibition and it was an 
eye-opening experience. 
It's an exhibition where people have donated stuff that reminds them of their ended 
relationships. Love letters, shoes, cell phones, kid toys, pretty much everything between 
the Earth and Sky. 
Personally I was touched with so many stories behind the stuff. 
There was a couple who had been through many years of infertility treatments when her 
husband had found another woman and then left her alone.
There were pregnancy tests and shoes for children. There was a couple who had planned 
their future together and another one of them had died.
It made me think about life and how lucky I am to have all these people around me. 
If you ever have a change to see this exhibition, you must go there. 

lots of love, Jasmin.


Hi there lovelies
I decided to take a part to this lovely tag I've seen around the Internet, let's
see how it went down!

So basically, the point of this tag is to come up with 100 creative or less-creative blog 
post ideas in 30 minutes. As an idea it sounds easy tho, I mean 30 minutes and 
100 topics - that couldn’t be that hard after all? Right? Right? 
I wanted to do this completely without any technical devices so I left my laptop 
to our bedroom and went to create this post in our kitchen. 
Our kitchen is like a creative space for me. 
Before I started writing down the ideas, I wanted to make sure that my brain is 
in a mood for that so I prepared myself with a tiny amount of research, 
watching creative pictures and sipping my cup of coffee. 
Refilled my coffee cup and I was ready to go!

Here’s what I came up with in 30 minutes! 
  1. beauty reviews
  2. movie reviews
  3. restaurant reviews
  4. lists
  5. recipes
  6. ootd
  7. ootn
  8. daily makeup
  9. personal story
  10. wish lists
  11. playlists
  12. goals for the future
  13. tips
  14. food recipes
  15. baking recipes
  16. drink recipes
  17. easy DIY’s
  18. hard DIY’s
  19. guide for perfect eye brows
  20. IN/OUT posts
  21. TAG posts
  22. ”DAY WITH ME” - posts
  23. introduce your pet to your readers
  24. share things that are making you happy
  25. 100 blog post ideas in 30 minutes
  26. your blogging process
  27. host a giveaway
  28. Q&A post
  29. monthly favourites
  30. chatty posts
  31. where do you want to travel to?
  32. goals for the year
  33. TOP5 lipsticks/mascaras/etc.
  34. suggest bloggers
  35. HOW TO - posts
  36. pros & cons about something
  37. vlog
  38. interview someone
  39. instagram round-up
  40. blog round-up
  41. guest posts
  42. FAQ post
  43. Day in the life in pictures
  44. what’s in my bag? -post
  45. what’s in my makeup bag? -post
  46. pinterest themed post
  47. inspirational posts
  48. motivational Monday quote
  49. home tour
  50. closet tour
  51. share your routines
  52. 5 things you couldn’t live without
  53. tell about your family
  54. got any weird habits? share them! 
  55. what’s your dream job?
  56. what’s your dream house like? 
  57. Share the places you’ve visited with your readers
  58. why questioning stuff is so easy?
  59. what was your favourite food when growing up? share the recipe.
  60. what to do on a rainy day
  61. travel tips
  62. beauty tips
  63. hair tips
  64. morning routine
  65. share your Snapchat my story
  66. create a post from your tweets
  67. how to get rid of the writers block?
  68. copy a celebrity look
  69. haul your recent purchases
  70. nail/hair/makeup tutorials
  71. round-up your favourite bloggers
  72. tell about your dreams
  73. … or nightmares
  74. FOTD (face of the day)
  75. everyday essentials
  76. tips for a newbie blogger
  77. healthy recipes
  78. what’s your favourite breakfast?
  79. tell about your favourite restaurant
  80. tell about your childhood home
  81. opinion post
  82. book review
  83. satirical post
  84. tell about yourself
  85. write about an event
  86. take a challenge
  87. self-analysis post
  88. share your bad habits
  89. … or good ones! 
  90. festive inspired post
  91. best advice you’ve had
  92. your work out routine
  93. update your old post
  94. day in your head - list your thoughts  
  95. how to do something differently
  96. tell why you started blogging
  97. your hobbies
  98. 21 things to do before you’re 22
  99. make your BF/GF to write a post for you
  100. life hacks you’ve learned

I had 3 minutes left when I finished, whoa. I never thought it would be that hard 
to be honest. I felt like time was running out whilst listing these stuff. 
I don’t know why so though, I believe that it’s because of the time limit. You 
know you got 30 minutes so instead of letting your creativity to run free you 
focus to the timer.
As an experience this was super refreshing and I would do it again. 
Let me know if you’re about to try this!

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies! 
It has been a while since I've shared my bag insides with you guys and now it's 
about time. I'm those kinds of persons who doesn't carry that much in their bags. 
I really don't. I actually kind of hate it when the bag is full of meaningless stuff you 
really don't need in different places you're going to, that's why I only carry the essentials. 
Wallet is kind of important you know, there's money (I wish) and my bus card. 
I finally got myself umbrella and oh my goodness, there's been a loads of use for it lately! 
Few days ago when I was at work it was raining super heavily! When you 
looked out from the window, all you could see was water. Water flowing down 
the window, nothing else. So yes, umbrella - super essential during Finnish summer! 
Keys to work & home are something I also carry with me most of the times, 
I tend to forget those. There should be alarm attached to them or something! 

What does your Summer bag look like?

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi everybody, my name is Dora and I'm keeping a blog called Dora Marien and 
as you most likely already guessed, I am honored to be guest blogging for Jasmin! 
My blog is maybe closest to a lifestyle blog - I'm interested in food, photography, 
interior, fashion and sometimes I just write whatever comes into my mind. 

 I wanted to share a salad recipe with you today as it's summer here (not summer 
weather though..) and during the summer season I enjoy eating a bit lighter and 
I give up all the heavy steaks and pastas.

You will need: 

- Fresh salad. Grab a few different salads so you get different colors 
and it makes the salad more interesting. 
- Strawberries. Because it's summer! Summer & Strawberries 
are the perfect combo. 
- Canary Melon/Honeymelon. It's sweet, fresh and delicious. 
- Finnish squeaky cheese. I know this sounds weird, but it's absolutely delicious. 
If you don't have any available, Halloumi cheese or Mozzarella 
cheese are great options. 
The amount of ingredients you need depends on how many eaters there'll be. 

Wash the salads and cut the strawberries and peel and cut the melon (remember 
to take the seeds out before cutting, spoon is great for that!). Mix them together 
on a large plate. Don't ''stir'' too hard, as the salad easily gets squashed and wet 
and ugly. So be kind and gentle to your salad. 
If you got the finnish squeaky cheese, put it on a pan with oil for few minutes, 
so it melts a little. Then let it cool down, cut it into little pieces and throw in the 
salad. Serve with beautiful plates and some extra meat or bread if desired and 
ENJOY in good company! 

* If you used halloumi, just fry it on the pan, let it cool, cut and throw in.
* If you used mozzarella, cut it and throw it in cold.

I hope to see you all in my blog, and remember to leave comments if you try 
this, as they make both Jasmin and me happy! Have a great Sunday!