Hi there lovelies
I just got off from a two week vacation and Tuesday was the first day at work after it.
I actually enjoy getting back to work, I was starting to get a bit bored at the end of my
vacation because who really wants to just sit at home and do nothing?
That wasn't even sarcasm, even though I made it sound like it.
I really enjoy being at work, it makes you feel that you really do something for your
living and when the buddies are fun and work is easy so there's basically nothing to
complain about.
That's why I've decided that I have to start my degree and go to school next fall,
I have to move on with my life. Even though I love what I do now, it doesn't mean
that I want to do it for ever, the place I'm now working is just a pits stop in this
journey called life.

So what on Earth have I done these couple of weeks? Well, for starters we made a 
quick trip to my hometown and went to see my little brother, little sister and mom. 
I love how full of energy my brother is and now that my sister is somewhere called 
a good place in her life, her company is also pretty enjoyable. 
The point of the trip basically was to go to get some stuff for our wedding for the 
first weekend of my vacation. 
That weekend also was the Mayday weekend which is kind of a huge thing here 
in Finland so we went to catch up with some of my childhood friends and drink a 
few ending up to sing karaoke to the local pub. I actually wrote a post about my 
day, so click here to read all about it. 
That weekend we also visited my grandma's place and holy cow it brought 
up some awesome childhood memories. 

I've always loved to wonder around the forest without a destination and I did it 
again after a really long time. We don't have that much of beautiful forests here 
in Helsinki so I truly appreciate the moment to get in touch with a good old forest. 
I mean like the forest when the trees don't end after 2,5km of walking and where 
you can actually see stuff like bears. Or a moose. 

I also tried to vlog my feelings and things I were doing before wedding, at the
wedding and after wedding. That video above is everything I was capable of.
Rest of the vacation went playing Sims, blogging, hanging out, being ill and
studying to my last entrance exam.

lots of love, Jasmin.


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