Today is a good day. Today is the day when finns will win todays match against
Germany in IIHF2016. Today is the first day for me being a Mrs. Today is also
mothers day here in Finland.
Today is a good day and most importantly today's a mothers day & this post
is dedicated to two of the greatest women in my life.

I want to start this post telling you about my mom. She and I haven't always
been BFF's or actually we still aren't ones but were getting there a day by day.
I'm not saying that mother daughter relationship should be BFF-relationship because
it's not always a good thing. I spent the most of my childhood analysing my mom
and her decisions. I couldn't trust her a one bit about stuff I was going through back
then, mostly because I was thirteen, going through puberty and all the emotions it
includes and because she didn't knew the stuff I knew about her.
I was always on a search of a new dirty secret so I could end up our constant
arguing saying something super mean to hurt her. Just like her, I didn't have
any boundaries.
Thank goodness that's not the way our relationship is now.
She wasn't ideal mom back then, but sure as hell I wasn't a perfect daughter
My mom is the kind of person who takes a shit door wide open when I brought
my fiancé.. I mean husband over for the first time nearly six years ago.
She's the kind of person who'll drive me to the parties but will push the horn
of the car 10 times long and loud to let everyone know that I arrived.
She's the kind of a person who can ask very loudly in front of the cashier if I was on
my PMS or had the flood already started.
She's the kind of person who asks if I needed condoms or anything at all in the
most awkward situations. Like, can't you do that before we leave the house?
She did it when I was underaged, she did it when I was still living at home and
she does it sometimes even nowadays. There I am being like "mom, I can handle
my own stuff okay, please stop."
So mom, if you're reading this - I don't want to embarrass you, or hurt you saying
these kind of stuff.
I just need you to know that even though we've had our drama and troubles you're
still the best mom I've ever had. (Sounds like I had more than one.)
You're the best and only parent I've ever had. 
One is better than none and even though I hardly ever say this out loud I 
love you and I'm thankful that you raised me and were the huge part of my 
life. (Now it sounds like you'd be dead.)
You still are, even though I live 300km away.

Next part of this post will be dedicated to my grandma, my mothers mother.
We all call her Mamma which is swedish and means mom. By Mamma we sort
of mean grandma but let's be honest here, she's been like mother to all of us.
She's always been Mamma and will be Mamma forever.
Mamma has played a big part of my life now and when I was growing up. She
was there with food every time when I got home from school and my mom was
at work. She always listens all of my stories that I want to share about my day.
Even now, when I don't see her that often than I used to, I know that I can
always call her.
I'm not even sure how old she is at the moment, (while writing this post I wasn't, 
now I know that she'll be 65 or 66 in Summer), that's awesome.
So Mamma, if you're reading this I wanted to let you know how grateful I am
for having your kind of a person in my life. You taught me so many things when
I was young and you still do and that's the greatest gift of all.
You've always encouraged me with everything I decided to start and even if it
goes horribly wrong you'll always find the way to the positive outcome.
I love you and you're my idol and for me, you'll always be 56-year-old.

I look up to to both of these women so much, but in different ways. I look up to
them because they're the bravest women I've ever met.
My mom, because once she had 3 jobs to keep the roof on top of our heads and
Mamma because she's just awesome and I know that she'll be there when ever
I need her.
I couldn't imagine my life without having these two in my life.

Happy Mothers day to all of the moms in Finland & around the world, may your day be filled with cake and hugs. 

lots of love, Jasmin.


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