Hi there lovelies
Monday is here again and for finns I believe that this must be the worst Monday for
a while. Match last night ended up pretty awfully for Finland and maybe a bit
unexpectedly. I think that we had an amazing team this year, imagine, we won
all our matches - except the one where we were trying to win gold. Well, silver
isn't a shame and better won this time.
Congratulations Canada for your 26th gold medal in IIHF World 
Championships 2016!
Now back to the point of this post, entrance exams.
We all know how stressful these situations can get. You're waiting your turn to go to
the classroom to write down stuff about things you were supposed to know and you
knew - but you slowly see everything you learned slowly sliding out of your mind.
Okay, that's the worst situation of them all. I've got 3 tips for you to survive your
entrance exams, they helped me so I can't see why they wouldn't help you too.

1. Think of it as any kind of an exam. It's just an exam!
Breathe, forget that it's meant to measure you and forget
that your acceptance to that school counts for that.
Just pass.

2. Trust yourself. If trusting yourself seems to be hard,
wake up every morning saying "I got this".
It helps.

3. Breathe. I've said this like A million times but you've
been studying harder than ever these couple of weeks
so breathe. You got this.

lots of love & luck, Jasmin.


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