This post will show you how to make a cute little memory frame, perfect as a gift 
or for yourself. It is great if you want to display any photographs, jewellery or special 
bits n bobs that you have. The frame can be used as a pin board for any reminders you 
need, a seating plan if you have a special event coming up (like a wedding for example) 
or you can actually just leave it and not put anything on it. The list is really endless. 
And to make it even more appealing, it is so easy to do. 

What you will need:

-Material, can be fabric or paper
-A frame of whatever size/shape you wish to use
-Pins or blue tack or small pegs

If you are using small pegs, I would use ribbon to hang them on.

What to do now:

Let us start by taking your chosen frame and remove the clear layer and the boarder 
if it has one. You should be left with the frame itself and the back (with the hooks or 
the stand on it). 

Now measure out your chosen fabric or paper, I used a leftover wallpaper sample. 
Put your frame over the material (pattern facing you), place where you would like 
the print in your frame and draw a line all the way around it. Cut this out.

Place the frame over the pattern and cut around.

Once you have done this, get the back of the frame, put the cut out material over it, 
making sure it fits. If it doesn't then fold any excess over the edge and cut it off. 
Glue this down, making sure there are no bubbles or creases and leave to dry.

Place the dried backing, with the material, on back onto the frame. 

 What it should look like before you place the bits n bobs on

Finally, using pins, blue tack or small pegs put your bits n bobs on. If you are using 
the pegs then wrap ribbon around the frame, glue that in place, so you can hang the 
pegs on that and voila, you are done. 

Here is the final product...

Told you it was easy! In a few steps, you can create this perfect memory frame 
that could display whatever you want! 


  1. Looks great!

    1. it sure does :) I think I might do this too!

  2. Now measure out your chosen fabric or paper, I used a leftover wallpaper sample.


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