Hi Jasmin’s readers! I’m Alisha from and today I’m guest 
blogging on Jasmin’s blog to talk to you all about DIY bath bombs! I’ve read quite a 
few blog posts about DIY bath bombs and I’ve tried making them myself too so here 
is what I think is the best method for making your own! The best thiNg about making 
your own bath bombs is that you can make them whatever colour and scent you like,
plus they are so much cheaper than buying them in shops like Lush. 

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The Simple Bath Bomb:
-150 grams of citric acid
-300 grams of baking soda
-150 grams of corn starch
-150 grams of Epsom salt
-Food colouring (you can use whatever colour that you like)
-Essential oils – you can add your favourite essential oils, for example 
lavender, to scent your bath bombs

The Moisturising Bath Bomb:
-150 grams of citric acid
-300 grams of baking soda
-150 grams of corn starch
-150 grams of Epsom salt
-Food coloring 
-Essential oils 
-And to make them moisturising, add 2-5 tablespoons of your favourite oil, 
I like coconut and almond oil but you can even add some shea butter! 
(make sure to melt the butter first so it will mix well)

1. Mix the citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salts and corn starch together in a bowl, 
be careful to make sure that there aren’t any clumps.
2. In a separate bowl, mix the essential oil and the food colouring with any other
 oils you are adding.
3.Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Once you have done this 
it should form a dough type consistency. If it is still too powdery to form balls 
with, add a little bit of water to make it more moldable. 
4.Using moulds such as these ones, press the dough into the moulds and make 
sure you really compact the dough which should prevent them from cracking. 
5.Leave the moulds until they are dry to the touch, take them out of the moulds,
 store them in an air tight container, and enjoy! 

If you don’t have any moulds, you could always use silicon ice cube trays! Such 
as these, using moulds with fun shapes would make them a fun thing for children 
to have in their baths!
You could also add a flower petal, or some lavender into the mould before you 
add the bath bomb dough so that they look a little nicer, such as those featured 
over here.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you try out your own :-)


  1. This is such a great DIY! Can't wait to try it out :) x Alona

    1. I'm going to try it out by myself too :-)


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