DAY WITH ME | 300416

My Saturday went at work, basically doing nothing. It's fun how it felt like yea, this is why I
couldn't take a day off - because there was so much to do when there wasn't actually nothing. 
Well, anyway I woke up at 4AM as I usually do and by 5:15 I was already out of the door. 
It wasn't as hard to wake up as usually which is good I guess. Then it means that I've slept
well last night. 
I got some kind of a vacation kick off - lollipop from Emma at work and oh how much that
cheered me up. Thank you Emma, I know you're reading this. 
By 11 I was out of the work because we finished everything up and we were ready to leave. 

We had this little roadtrip on Saturday. We went to our moms place to "another side" of the 
country and listened Avenged Sevenfold almost the whole drive. We didn't go with our Mini
because we had to borrow a van to bring all the plates and equipments for the wedding to
Helsinki. That was the point of the trip, but we sort of accidentally got drunk and our Sunday
went a bit late - that's a whole another story though. 

We arrived to my moms place around 5PM and for starters were handed a cup of coffee 
almost at the door when we drove to the yard. I also was riding a bike after a really long time
and it was way harder and exhausting than I thought it would be. It has been a while since I've
done that because me+Helsinki+bike is just not a good combination at all. 
It's a suicide mission. 

Okay this sounds bad when I put it this way, but never mind here it comes: we got accidentally
drunk on Saturday. While we were driving my childhood friend (in the picture) called me and
invited us to the sauna he had rented for the evening. Well, it was Mayday eve, which is 
kind of a big deal in Finland and yeah. Whoopsie. 
I played beer pong for the first time of my life and I have to say that even it was my first
time ever playing that game I was pretty good at it. I don't know, maybe I'm some kind of a 
beer pong gifted person. Should I add it to my CV?

Later that night Jenni asked if we could go drink one with her to the local pub so we went. 
Oh and it wasn't only one, it was also 4 blueberry shots for J & Jenni 2 each and for me J 
brought two tequilas. If I'm taking shots it's tequila or nada. 
We were also singing karaoke and it was so much fun, it's nice to just hang around. 

This was basically my Saturday and next one will be the most amazing Saturday in my life,
I'm not nervous a bit - I'm just waiting the day to be here and I'm super excited. 

lots of love, Jasmin.

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