DAY WITH ME | 210516

Yesterday morning, as usual, I woke up at 4AM to get to work by 6AM. I don't know 
why it's quite simple to me wake up at 4AM on Saturdays. I knew yesterday was going 
to be a pretty long day but I didn't expect it to stretch as long as it did eventually. 

Day at work went as usual, morning coffee break with Mika & spending lunch at 
balcony listening to music and killing time. Thank goodness it wasn't such a hurry day 
as usual at this time of the year because I was alone. Everyone else from the team I'm 
working with had a Saturday off.

I left from work at 2PM and went to have a couple of beers, or well - I don't drink beer, 
but ciders to the bar terrace with my work buddies. We had this thing called 
refreshment day after work and we reserved a table from Sports Academy and there 
was 12 of us cheering Finland to win Russia in ice hockey. There was a buffet, I ate only 
salad and potatoes though because I don't eat meat but those potatoes were so delicious. 
And the game ended up pretty well too, 3-1 for Finland. 
It's weird, Finland has been in the finals so many times but won gold only twice 
(1995 & 2011). This year, they actually have chances to win again and if & when that 
happens, whole Finland is going to go crazy. Hockey is kind of a big thing to us, 
like in Canada but nothing like in Canada. 

After the match we continued to Molly Malones with my boss, our work scheduling 
person, Sonja, Mika & Kari. Getting drunk and having fun. 
Kari joined us a bit later in the evening but I needed my Western-Finland reinforcement 
so he came there with us. We had such a fun night, dancing, chatting & drinking alcohol.

We left from Molly Malones at 3:30AM and went to McDonald's to crab something to 
eat with Sonja & Mika. Okay, that was probably the worst experience ever. If you ever 
get drunk with bunch of other finns from the city, don't ever go to McDonald's. Ever. 
It's full of drunk people. I mean full. There's not space to think and it's a complete chaos. 
We had a little picnic in the downtown of Helsinki middle of the night and left to 
our homes. 

I was awake for 25 hours yesterday and I'm actually bit surprised that I'm not having 
a hungover based on the amount of alcohol I drank last night. Today team Finland 
will compete against Canada in ice hockey and if they win, the gold is ours for the 
third time and that's pretty amazing. 
Oh, and finns would do history by being first country who wins gold U18, U20 & 
Adults games during the same year! Gosh, I'm too excited.

How was your weekend? Hope you had amazing time :-)

lots of love, Jasmin.


  1. Awake for 25 hrs - kudos to you, girlie! Loved this post, really fun idea to put your day into pictures & writing like that :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Yeah, that sounds kind of sick tbh :D thanks!


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