This post will show you how to make a cute little memory frame, perfect as a gift 
or for yourself. It is great if you want to display any photographs, jewellery or special 
bits n bobs that you have. The frame can be used as a pin board for any reminders you 
need, a seating plan if you have a special event coming up (like a wedding for example) 
or you can actually just leave it and not put anything on it. The list is really endless. 
And to make it even more appealing, it is so easy to do. 

What you will need:

-Material, can be fabric or paper
-A frame of whatever size/shape you wish to use
-Pins or blue tack or small pegs

If you are using small pegs, I would use ribbon to hang them on.

What to do now:

Let us start by taking your chosen frame and remove the clear layer and the boarder 
if it has one. You should be left with the frame itself and the back (with the hooks or 
the stand on it). 

Now measure out your chosen fabric or paper, I used a leftover wallpaper sample. 
Put your frame over the material (pattern facing you), place where you would like 
the print in your frame and draw a line all the way around it. Cut this out.

Place the frame over the pattern and cut around.

Once you have done this, get the back of the frame, put the cut out material over it, 
making sure it fits. If it doesn't then fold any excess over the edge and cut it off. 
Glue this down, making sure there are no bubbles or creases and leave to dry.

Place the dried backing, with the material, on back onto the frame. 

 What it should look like before you place the bits n bobs on

Finally, using pins, blue tack or small pegs put your bits n bobs on. If you are using 
the pegs then wrap ribbon around the frame, glue that in place, so you can hang the 
pegs on that and voila, you are done. 

Here is the final product...

Told you it was easy! In a few steps, you can create this perfect memory frame 
that could display whatever you want! 


Hi there lovelies
Something pretty amazing happened to me last Saturday.
Okay, it's not even pretty amazing - it's fucking amazing. I finally got to see my
favourite band live. I discovered Simple Plan when I was 14-years-old and it sure
does have helped me through the tough times in my life.
I don't even overstate when I say that the song called "This Song Saved My Life"
literally saved my life, but let's talk about that in some other post I'm never going to
write and focus on the happy stuff.

The gig was amazing. It was everything I could ever expect. It was worth to wait 
over 7 years to see them live. 
Now someone might say that "hey, back in 2012 they we're in Finland" and then I'd 
say that "well, I was 14 and my mom would not let me to go nor would give me money 
to get the tickets" and I heard that they had been here a day after. It feels less awful 
now that I've seen them live. 
I'm officially the happiest girl on Earth. 
It was a dream come true. Everything is possible if you just believe right? 
Okay, let's stop the clichés. 

"I was broken/
I was choking/
I was lost/
This song saved my life/
I was bleeding/
Stopped believing/
Could have died/
This song saved my life/
I was down/
I was drowning/
But it came on just in time/
This song saved my life"

If theY ever get back to Finland again, you can be sure that I'll be the first 
on the line at the ticket sale.

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies!
Now that I've started spreading these positivity vibes around lately through the
year, I decided to share with you 5 reasons why I love blogging.
Even though my rheumatoid arthritis makes my hobby a bit harder somedays, I
still love doing what I do. This is the one hobby that having a rheumatoid will not
take away from me.


I love comments, I didn't used to love them but now that I've changed language
from Finnish to english, I get more positive comments to my writings. I don't know
what it is about finns but they tend to hide too much behind the anonymous button and
spread hate all around the world. I don't care about those, I actually never did but I've
found a great community internationally and that's pretty effin' awesome.


This blog just recently hit 111 likes over at its FB page & 104 followers via
Bloglovin' and that is pretty effin' awesome too. I promised to put together awesome
beauty giveaway that will be open internationally when my blog hits 100 followers via
Bloglovin' and not it's time. I've already ordered cool beauty goodies from Makeup
Revolution London and I can't wait them to arrive so I can show them to you guys.
I'm super thankful to all of you being so supportive and great and awesome and


If I'm completely honest here I think I might be in 10 to 20 different Facebook
groups for bloggers, #TheGirlGang, Lifestyle Bloggers and so many more. Those
are places you can reach out for help if you're having a blogging related problem or
just want to chat. Especially #TheGirlGang & Lifestyle Bloggers are my
favourites. I'm also in few Finnish Facebook groups for bloggers.
Attending to Twitter chats is also so much fun where I've found so many
awesome people.
Just awesome blogging community that includes people all around
the world, so cool.


I don't think I'll ever be fully satisfied the way I write or how this blog looks,
but that's the best part of it. There's always something you can try to do better and
challenge yourself to be better.
It's a work that never ends, that's what keeps this interesting to me. I absolutely
love challenges.
I can freely express my creativity here in my little space of the Internet.


Writing has always been super close to my heart, so basically it would've been weird
if I never started a blog.

Do you have a blog? If so, what do you love about blogging? 

lots of love, Jasmin.


Ps. I launched awesome beauty giveaway yesterday, go on and take a part - here! Good luck x.


Hi there lovelies!
You must remember that I promised to put together awesome giveaway when
this blog hits 100 followers via Bloglovin'. That has happened, or actually something
else happened too - this blog is having 142 followers via Bloglovin' at this very
moment & that's pretty freaking awesome.


- giveaway is open internationally
- the giveaway will run until 25th of June & winner will be chosen at 
  random using Rafflecopter
- I'll get in touch with the winner via e-mail

- This is not sponsored post & I've bought all of these stuff by myself
- This giveaway is worth 15£ (~20€)

- Makeup Revolution London IMAKEUP Explicit Content eyeshadow palette
- Makeup Revolution London IMAKEUP #SELFIE eyeshadow palette
- Makeup Revolution London Unicorns Unite eyeshadow palette
- Makeup Revolution London IMAKEUP Unicorns Unite Mini Gem Brush Set

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!
lots of love, Jasmin.



Products that were used: 
- L'Oréal Paris Infallible Matte 24H - foundation, featured here
- Isadora eyeshadows, featured here
- Clinique Lash Power Mascara, featured here
- MaxFactor Simply Nude lipstick (doesn't show in the picture tho), featured here
- Maybelline New York Stay Matte powder
- Makeup Revolution London bronzer
- Makeup Revolution London concealer
- Makeup Revolution London blush
- Susanna also added something to my brows, can't recall what it was
so Susanna if you're reading this comment down below what you put there.

lots of love, Jasmin.


picture credit
In many ways, the celebrity is the ultimate human brand. If celebrities can perfectly 
time their moves for maximum press coverage, market themselves by always appearing 
flawless and (perhaps most notably) convert their hours into crazy sums of cash.

The fashion world and the celebrity world have always intermingled, but social media is 
providing celebrities new platforms for promoting their own wares themselves (where 
once a Public Relations team would have taken charge) and it seems as though everyone 
who is anyone is riding the wave! 

Celebrity collaborations aren't new (does anyone remember when the Kardashians 
did a range for Dorothy Perkins back in the day?!) But how connected are these 
collaborations with the celebrity name attached to them? And why should we favour 
them to regular high street collections? 

picture credit
The first thing to bear in mind about celebrity collaborations is the amount of input 
the celebrity actually has in developing the range. Much of the time their involvement 
is that of giving their 'seal of approval' to items drawn up according to a lose brief they've 

The one collaboration type you can be sure involved both parties to a full extent are those 
forged between the High Street and High End designers who have a firm grip on their 
creative output. Otherwise the collaboration could purely be a licensing deal that the 
'Face Of' may never even have seen or signed off on, let alone worn themselves.

Secondly, it's worth questioning the business practice of these collaborations. It sounds 
obvious to say, but having this big names and large sums of cash attached to a project
does not guarantee the fair treatment of workers creating the items.

picture credit
Recently the internet blew up with the allegations that Beyonce's "Ivy Park" range of 
active-wear had been created with sweatshop labour. 
Now, this hardly comes as a surprise 
to those of us who know the practices of high street baddies like Topshop, but Beyonce? 

Her rhetoric of female empowerment will be seriously questioned if it turns out that 
these allegations are true. The brand statement that Ivy Park is a brand that aims to make 
women feel powerful leaves a bitter taste in the mouth in the knowledge that those who 
produced the garments are locked into the factory and paid a pittance.

So should we be queuing up overnight for celebrity collaborations? Well, if you're going 
to whack them straight on eBay and turn a profit on them my inner businesswoman says 
GO FOR IT, but on an individual basis I would ask you to sit down and contemplate 
WHY you're so turned onto the idea of a celebrity collaboration.

Is it really about the clothes? They are made in exactly the same way as all other 
high street collections, they go through the same (often morally questionable) supply 
chain and end up on the same shelves. 

What if we are so obsessed with celebrity collaborations because we want to embody 
the spirit of people like Beyonce, Rihanna or Kanye through their clothing? I personally 
believe if we focus more of the strength, power or sheer self-confidence of our 
favourite idols, rather than clothes cobbled together in their image, we would 
have more to gain from our celeb crushes.

picture credit



Striped Hoodie
Printed Mermaid blouse
High waist shorts
Printed joggers
3/4 sleeve blouse
T-shirt dress

lots of love, Jasmin.



I've got a new lipstick to add to my collection. I purchased this Elizabeth Arden 
Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick in shade 01 Honey few months ago and 
it has been one of my go to - lipsticks ever since. 
I absolutely adore the shade of it, because it's simple & light. 
Packaking is super adorable too. 

What do you think of this? 

lots of love, Jasmin.


Hi there lovelies
Monday is here again and for finns I believe that this must be the worst Monday for
a while. Match last night ended up pretty awfully for Finland and maybe a bit
unexpectedly. I think that we had an amazing team this year, imagine, we won
all our matches - except the one where we were trying to win gold. Well, silver
isn't a shame and better won this time.
Congratulations Canada for your 26th gold medal in IIHF World 
Championships 2016!
Now back to the point of this post, entrance exams.
We all know how stressful these situations can get. You're waiting your turn to go to
the classroom to write down stuff about things you were supposed to know and you
knew - but you slowly see everything you learned slowly sliding out of your mind.
Okay, that's the worst situation of them all. I've got 3 tips for you to survive your
entrance exams, they helped me so I can't see why they wouldn't help you too.

1. Think of it as any kind of an exam. It's just an exam!
Breathe, forget that it's meant to measure you and forget
that your acceptance to that school counts for that.
Just pass.

2. Trust yourself. If trusting yourself seems to be hard,
wake up every morning saying "I got this".
It helps.

3. Breathe. I've said this like A million times but you've
been studying harder than ever these couple of weeks
so breathe. You got this.

lots of love & luck, Jasmin.


DAY WITH ME | 210516

Yesterday morning, as usual, I woke up at 4AM to get to work by 6AM. I don't know 
why it's quite simple to me wake up at 4AM on Saturdays. I knew yesterday was going 
to be a pretty long day but I didn't expect it to stretch as long as it did eventually. 

Day at work went as usual, morning coffee break with Mika & spending lunch at 
balcony listening to music and killing time. Thank goodness it wasn't such a hurry day 
as usual at this time of the year because I was alone. Everyone else from the team I'm 
working with had a Saturday off.

I left from work at 2PM and went to have a couple of beers, or well - I don't drink beer, 
but ciders to the bar terrace with my work buddies. We had this thing called 
refreshment day after work and we reserved a table from Sports Academy and there 
was 12 of us cheering Finland to win Russia in ice hockey. There was a buffet, I ate only 
salad and potatoes though because I don't eat meat but those potatoes were so delicious. 
And the game ended up pretty well too, 3-1 for Finland. 
It's weird, Finland has been in the finals so many times but won gold only twice 
(1995 & 2011). This year, they actually have chances to win again and if & when that 
happens, whole Finland is going to go crazy. Hockey is kind of a big thing to us, 
like in Canada but nothing like in Canada. 

After the match we continued to Molly Malones with my boss, our work scheduling 
person, Sonja, Mika & Kari. Getting drunk and having fun. 
Kari joined us a bit later in the evening but I needed my Western-Finland reinforcement 
so he came there with us. We had such a fun night, dancing, chatting & drinking alcohol.

We left from Molly Malones at 3:30AM and went to McDonald's to crab something to 
eat with Sonja & Mika. Okay, that was probably the worst experience ever. If you ever 
get drunk with bunch of other finns from the city, don't ever go to McDonald's. Ever. 
It's full of drunk people. I mean full. There's not space to think and it's a complete chaos. 
We had a little picnic in the downtown of Helsinki middle of the night and left to 
our homes. 

I was awake for 25 hours yesterday and I'm actually bit surprised that I'm not having 
a hungover based on the amount of alcohol I drank last night. Today team Finland 
will compete against Canada in ice hockey and if they win, the gold is ours for the 
third time and that's pretty amazing. 
Oh, and finns would do history by being first country who wins gold U18, U20 & 
Adults games during the same year! Gosh, I'm too excited.

How was your weekend? Hope you had amazing time :-)

lots of love, Jasmin.


Hi there lovelies
It's time for another LUSH review. Are you getting bored to these already? I hope not,
because I'm not. I purchased this in January and it was featured in my Lush Haul - post.
It's fun how early I'm with this one, just casually bought it 4 months ago and now had
the time to sit down and write a full review about it.
At first I kind of freaked out because after I ordered this I saw a thing on the Internet,
there was an article (or an "article") that said that there was a girl who had been using
Lush products and her skin turned to pink. I realised that hey, that shower cream I just
purchased was pink. You can imagine that relief I had when I tried it and noticed that it
wasn't turning me pink too.

Anyways, the bottle is super cute. It's adorable. As I said in my Lush haul - post that I don't
have a first hand experience about Lush shower creams, this was one of the greatest things
I've ever bought. I love how I smell after shower and how it makes my skin feel almost as
adorable as the bottle itself.
I also love the text that is in the bottle in the how to use section:

"If you really don't know how, then find someone you really like and invite them into the 
shower with you to demonstrate"

Smell of the product is also wonderful, it sort of smells like bubblegum.
I don't know, I just like it.

Have you tried Prince Charming?

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies
How are you all doing today? I'm feeling amazing. I'm filled with positive energy 
today and that's why I decided to spread it around a little and challenge you to leave 
me a comment telling me what makes you happy right now. 
Even the smallest things matter.
I've had a goal for 2016 to think more positive and I've succeeded in it so pretty damn 
well even that I say so myself. But it's true and there's always been a little pessimist 
hidden somewhere inside of me as long as I can recall, so it's actually really good that 
I'm doing this. 
So here you go, 10 things that are making me happy right now! 
Let me know what's yours. 

1. I've got so many amazing people around me.

2. I'm married. I'm mrs now. How funny is that?

3. My allergies have stopped.

4. It's Summer, finally.

5. Coffee.

6. Work buddies.

7. Guinea pigs.

8. Sun is shining and it's actually warm.

9. Ice cream.

10. Picnics with buddies.

lots of love, Jasmin.



Hi there lovelies
I just got off from a two week vacation and Tuesday was the first day at work after it.
I actually enjoy getting back to work, I was starting to get a bit bored at the end of my
vacation because who really wants to just sit at home and do nothing?
That wasn't even sarcasm, even though I made it sound like it.
I really enjoy being at work, it makes you feel that you really do something for your
living and when the buddies are fun and work is easy so there's basically nothing to
complain about.
That's why I've decided that I have to start my degree and go to school next fall,
I have to move on with my life. Even though I love what I do now, it doesn't mean
that I want to do it for ever, the place I'm now working is just a pits stop in this
journey called life.

So what on Earth have I done these couple of weeks? Well, for starters we made a 
quick trip to my hometown and went to see my little brother, little sister and mom. 
I love how full of energy my brother is and now that my sister is somewhere called 
a good place in her life, her company is also pretty enjoyable. 
The point of the trip basically was to go to get some stuff for our wedding for the 
first weekend of my vacation. 
That weekend also was the Mayday weekend which is kind of a huge thing here 
in Finland so we went to catch up with some of my childhood friends and drink a 
few ending up to sing karaoke to the local pub. I actually wrote a post about my 
day, so click here to read all about it. 
That weekend we also visited my grandma's place and holy cow it brought 
up some awesome childhood memories. 

I've always loved to wonder around the forest without a destination and I did it 
again after a really long time. We don't have that much of beautiful forests here 
in Helsinki so I truly appreciate the moment to get in touch with a good old forest. 
I mean like the forest when the trees don't end after 2,5km of walking and where 
you can actually see stuff like bears. Or a moose. 

I also tried to vlog my feelings and things I were doing before wedding, at the
wedding and after wedding. That video above is everything I was capable of.
Rest of the vacation went playing Sims, blogging, hanging out, being ill and
studying to my last entrance exam.

lots of love, Jasmin.



It's hard to find a proper wedding venue from Helsinki if you don't want to celebrate 
your big day in the night club downtown or I don't know, at a ferry? First we thought 
of Suomenlinna, but it's booked full for almost 2 summers from now and so was 
this Agros Vault.
We got our eye on this one for a while before we decided that this was the place.
Our theme was a mix of black, white, grey and red and the setting looked wonderful 
even though I wasn't there to tell everybody where everything goes. Susanna was 
doing my makeup while Petra was running the "decoration committee" and I 
couldn't be more thankful to have her as my friend. She's the best. 

lots of love, Jasmin.