You know what's great about Netflix? You can make a marathon.
I've, or actually we've been obsessed to crime series lately and here comes our
TOP3 series on Netflix!


The Glades is based to Florida which brings up so much nostalgia to me. Oh
how I miss Florida.
Well, anyways, it's about a detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) from
Chicago who was recently transferred to be a detective in Florida. He thought he
could spend his time playing some golf and writing a couple of speeding tickets
and that's about it. Enjoy from the life in the Sunshine State as they say.
Like we all know, nothing ever goes as planned so murders begin to appear
and there he goes again.
In every episode there's a different murder but life of the characters is also on point.
Give it a go and you won't disappoint.
One disclaimer tho, this series lasted for 4 seasons and 5th is nowhere to be seen.
The producer decided to cut it out of the budget.


This is a comedy show starring Andy Samberg. It's freaking good.
We've got only 2 seasons in our Netflix, but I've heard that the 3rd
has already aired in the US so there will be more to come for us finns too.
This is funny and right show for ones who wants to laugh before going to bed.


I have to point out now how huge Sherlock Holmes -fan I am and how
I've always been adoring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to come up with this
amazing character. I've read all the books where Sherlock is and I'm
always quite thrilled to find a TV-series that is somehow based to Sherlock
Holmes. You must be a genius to write a character like Sherlock Holmes.
Anyway - Elementary is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes.
Doctor Watson is a woman, Miss Hudson is a transsexual (or at least it seemed
like that) and Mycroft owns a bunch of restaurants around the world.
I love how screenwriters have played with the characters in this one a lot,
but yet not too much.
Characters live in New York and everything what happens or is based to New York
is kind of my weak spot.
I absolutely love New York.

Have you watched any of these? 




  1. I'm always looking for new things to watch on Netflix so I'll definitely give these a go!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. Oh I highly recommend all of these three :-)

  2. Omg Elementary! I was seriously addicted and binge watching this one like no other! Try The Closer if you're into detectives! <3

    1. Oh that sounds wonderful, I must check that out thank you!

  3. This sounds great,I must check this out.


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