It's time for another review my darlings and this time under the magnifying glass will be Lush Dream Cream hand and body lotion that we saw earlier in my latest Lush haul.

Packaging of this lotion is basic Lush. I think it's really lovely and good for our environment that they're using recycled plastic in their pots. As you already might know - when you bring back 5 clean pots or tubes to the store you'll get fresh mask free. It really encourages to recycle.
I didn't have any first impressions based to this jar because.. Well... They all look the same. Smell on the other hand is gorgeous. It's sweet and I can get a hint of lavender based to the smell.

It says in the pot:
"Oats have been used for centuries to cool hot damaged skin & to treat eczema."
It fits perfectly for my dry Scandinavian skin that freezing cold winter has sucked life out of. My hands tend to dry during winter, so this has treated them really well. I don't have anything bad to say about this.

Have you tried the Dream Cream? 



  1. This sounds so nice! I love the smell of lavender too.

    Beth | xxx

  2. Definitely will have to give this a try! My hands keep getting really dry too x

    Eve |

  3. Was sent a sample with my most recent Lush order. It really does smell lovely!

    1. Mmhmm and it also makes skin feel so lovely :-)


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