I'm surprised if you haven't noticed that I'm currently on this "suicide mission" 
also known as daily blogging. I've officially started posting things here, some posts are 
longer and some posts are only couple of sentences - but the point is, from now on you're 
going to find new footage from this website every single day. This has been going
 on for a month now and it seems like I've planned posts like this until December already. 
That's kind of weird because I'm not that organised person at all. This "suicide mission"
 as I like to call it, not in a proper meaning of word of course, is completely out of my 
comfort zone. I'm in a new territory for me and same time as it frightens me so bad 
- I'm also very thrilled about this new challenge. 
I've also noticed during this first month of this lovely journey - I've gained even 
more and more views per a day and oh, something pretty amazing has been happening also.
 We've gained almost 100 followers via bloglovin'. By we I mean me, this blog and 
all my different personalities. Hi there! 
You might remember when I said that when this blog is having 100 followers 
via bloglovin' I'm hosting an amazing giveaway with lots of beauty products so 
if you're not following this blog via bloglovin' yet - now is time to do it. 


Let's get back to the point, that daily blogging thing remember? How do I feel about 
daily blogging? 
When I started it felt like amazing idea. It still does, after reading other bloggers 
experiences the last thing I could imagine was that this could be my thing. 
But I'm the kind of a person who has to run head through the wall so I can have 
opinion about it. I think this might actually be for me. Daily blogging. 
Sounds weird huh? 
Even though I challenged myself with this daily blogging and even though 
I'm enjoying of it I must admit that it's damn hard. 
It takes a lots of commitment, planning and scheduling. 
Not to mentioning about promoting. 
At the moment, most of the views to this blog comes from Facebook - that's simple way 
I've found pretty effective during these couple of months. Twitter comes great hurry in 
the second place. 
Still, when I do promote my posts which I've noticed I have to do more often, like 
3 times per a day, per a post when before I could promote that one post until I came 
up with a new one. 
My promoting doesn't keep up with the speed I'm publishing posts, if you know 
what I mean.
What I'm going after with this basically is that promoting my posts so often, 
even though I couldn't care less what everybody thinks of me, still makes me 
feel like I'm spamming. No one has never said anything about that for me but I believe
 that it's mostly because I'm not used to use social media that much. You know, I don't 
spend my days  hanging in the Facebook or Twitter - if I want to socialise I get my lazy ass up 
and go out to make connections. Or call someone. I don't know. 
I'm also not going to stop this daily blogging thing anytime soon, because I really do enjoy of it.
 At least so far I've been enjoying of it a lot. 
But during this past month there's been a days when I've been questioning my 
choices "do I have to? it was my idea, I'm only doing it for challenging myself 
so why I just don't quit?" and those days happens to all of us. 
Thing is; I'm not giving up. I've given up so many things in my life and 
I don't let this one to be one of those things. 
What about you, have you been enjoying these daily posts of mine? 

lots of love, Jasmin.


  1. I did a 30 day blog challenge and let me tell you I know exactly what you are going through and I noticed how I was nodding my head and saying *yes, jupp, know the feeling* whiles reading this blogpost! But kudos to you! The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself whiles doing it or there is no point on doing it. Great blog post btw :)


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