I noticed that I haven't been sharing things that actually goes through
my mind for a really long time. So what has been happening lately?
I don't really know where to even start.
You might remember when I said that "I don't want to get too much on my
plate" - well, I'm actually in that situation where I do have a tons of stuff on
my plate. I remember when I said that I won't be applying to schools this year
but where did I end up finding myself a couple of weeks ago?
I was filling the application form.
If I'm "lucky" I might be having 3 entrance exams during May and June.
I also have 3 gigs I'm going to see this summer in my calendar and one of them
will be in Sweden, so trip to Stockholm is already booked too.
The first part of my 4-week summer vacation is dedicated to our wedding. 1 week
before and 1 after.
The next two weeks of the vacation will be busy too, with traveling to Germany and Spain.
So where am I trying to go with this post?

The summer for this blog will mean a little, but not permanent, changes. As you
already might have noticed my little "suicide mission" that I'm at - I've started
daily blogging. My schedule is super full and I don't have crazy amounts of time
juggling between work, this blog and other activities mentioned before.
I have gathered around a group of lovely bloggers who wanted to help me out
and make a guest posts for this blog. That's what you're going to see next
three months.
They're all amazing and creative writers and I can't thank them enough.
So to keep this blog alive for the summer, and get to my goals for 2016 with
blogging daily, they're here to help.
I can guarantee that you will enjoy their posts.
This still doesn't mean that I'm going to disappear for three months. No, of
course not! You're going to see plenty of my posts as well.

So how am I doing? Better than last year this time. I'm also aware
of the crazy amount of work I've scheduled for myself keeping it busy
for the Summer.
I also know that this isn't the hardest battle to win, so I believe that
this all works out just as it was meant to be. I'm not the type of a person
who stress about things.

How are you doing? Let me know, I'd love to hear. 




  1. Kuulostaa tosi siistiltä! Toivottavasti pääset kouluun mihin haluat ja onnea häihin jajajaja! :)

    ♡ Sini |


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