It's April! Oh my how the time flies by so fast. Feels like it was January yesterday. Spring is here and I can feel days getting more warmer and I've seen the sun more frequently nowadays. It's weird huh? It goes away for 6 months and then returns like it was never gone. You might remember a little twist that I added to my monthly favorites, (if you don't - you can click this to find out) and now it's time to share my favourite moments of March.

4th of March

We managed to make a little trip to my hometown early last month and I reunited with my little brother after a long time no see. It was such a fun little trio, we played hockey outside and played with Brio trains. 

8th of March

This was the International Women's day. I do not expect to get any flowers or chocolate in these occasions but I had to share this quote that I found from Milly's instagram
I was also very happy about the tickets I received that day. I'm finally going to see Simple Plan live. I've been waiting it to happen for so long. Too long if I'm honest.

12th of March

We spent our coffee break with Maija on the roof patio we have at work and I must say how much I adore the view from up there.

19th of March

Oh the time and effort me and my fiancé put to these Easter eggs. It's the only Easter themed thing we did because neither of us is religious or celebrating Easter in any way. This was so fun and we got to spend some quality time together. 
You can find the DIY here

29th of March

My fiancé had his 22nd birthday and I baked this awesome cake for him. It was a lovely day. 

What were your favorite moments last month?



  1. Wow, sounds like your March was amazing! Your cake looks delicious That is nice that you got to visit with your little brother as well.


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