Hi there lovelies I really don't know when this became like a monthly thing to do
these lists but you all seem to like these so let's get started. First I would really
like to try out more Tanya Burr products so I picked up Tanya Burr Galaxy eye palette 
to start this months wish list. It says on the website that it contains smoky shadows
and I'm all about the smoky eyes so oh yes, this is the thing. 
When I first heard about the Kardashian Beauty range I was thrilled to get my hands
to their products. That plan haven't been working out yet, but I know when my next
pay check arrives - this Kardashian Beauty Joystick lipstick pen is flying straight 
to the shopping cart. 
Hey guys, what do you know about the good eyeshadow primers? I've been on a hunt
for a good one - yet I still don't have any experiences about ones. This NYX Proof It! 
Waterproof eyeshadow primer seems like a good one, should I give it a go? 
Also there when I was scrolling through what NYX has to offer I stumbled upon this
beautiful NYX Avan Pop! Shadow palette and you know what? You can never have too
many eyeshadow palettes do you? 
Also, the Zoella Beauty Blissfull Mistful Solid Fragrance was just too cute to not to be in
this list. 

What do you think of these? 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


  1. Siis toi Kardashian Beauty Joystick lipstick pen on maailman paras ikinä - en tiedä miten oon eläny ennen ilman sitä. Suosittelen niin paljon ku vaan voi suositella! Ja oon myös kuullu, että toi NYX:in primeri ois kuulemma hinta-laatu-suhteelta ihan paras, mutta itse en oo vielä raaskinut siihen laittaa rahaa, vaikka tuntuu että kaikki luomivärit vaan katoo 30 sekunnin sisällä luomilta.... ehkä joku päivä!
    Ois vaan paljon rahaa, niin huuuuhhhuh se meikkien määrä! :D <3

    x Dora //

    1. Pitääkin joku päivä poiketa Sokoksella kattelemassa niitä NYXin juttuja :D

  2. I love NYX products! I feel like they're worth way more than they cost :) Great list!

    1. I should totally check those out then! Thank you for your lovely comment :-)

  3. I've always wanted to try NYX products!


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