I'm surprised if you haven't noticed that I'm currently on this "suicide mission" 
also known as daily blogging. I've officially started posting things here, some posts are 
longer and some posts are only couple of sentences - but the point is, from now on you're 
going to find new footage from this website every single day. This has been going
 on for a month now and it seems like I've planned posts like this until December already. 
That's kind of weird because I'm not that organised person at all. This "suicide mission"
 as I like to call it, not in a proper meaning of word of course, is completely out of my 
comfort zone. I'm in a new territory for me and same time as it frightens me so bad 
- I'm also very thrilled about this new challenge. 
I've also noticed during this first month of this lovely journey - I've gained even 
more and more views per a day and oh, something pretty amazing has been happening also.
 We've gained almost 100 followers via bloglovin'. By we I mean me, this blog and 
all my different personalities. Hi there! 
You might remember when I said that when this blog is having 100 followers 
via bloglovin' I'm hosting an amazing giveaway with lots of beauty products so 
if you're not following this blog via bloglovin' yet - now is time to do it. 


Let's get back to the point, that daily blogging thing remember? How do I feel about 
daily blogging? 
When I started it felt like amazing idea. It still does, after reading other bloggers 
experiences the last thing I could imagine was that this could be my thing. 
But I'm the kind of a person who has to run head through the wall so I can have 
opinion about it. I think this might actually be for me. Daily blogging. 
Sounds weird huh? 
Even though I challenged myself with this daily blogging and even though 
I'm enjoying of it I must admit that it's damn hard. 
It takes a lots of commitment, planning and scheduling. 
Not to mentioning about promoting. 
At the moment, most of the views to this blog comes from Facebook - that's simple way 
I've found pretty effective during these couple of months. Twitter comes great hurry in 
the second place. 
Still, when I do promote my posts which I've noticed I have to do more often, like 
3 times per a day, per a post when before I could promote that one post until I came 
up with a new one. 
My promoting doesn't keep up with the speed I'm publishing posts, if you know 
what I mean.
What I'm going after with this basically is that promoting my posts so often, 
even though I couldn't care less what everybody thinks of me, still makes me 
feel like I'm spamming. No one has never said anything about that for me but I believe
 that it's mostly because I'm not used to use social media that much. You know, I don't 
spend my days  hanging in the Facebook or Twitter - if I want to socialise I get my lazy ass up 
and go out to make connections. Or call someone. I don't know. 
I'm also not going to stop this daily blogging thing anytime soon, because I really do enjoy of it.
 At least so far I've been enjoying of it a lot. 
But during this past month there's been a days when I've been questioning my 
choices "do I have to? it was my idea, I'm only doing it for challenging myself 
so why I just don't quit?" and those days happens to all of us. 
Thing is; I'm not giving up. I've given up so many things in my life and 
I don't let this one to be one of those things. 
What about you, have you been enjoying these daily posts of mine? 

lots of love, Jasmin.


It has been a while since I last did a post about things I carry in my makeup bag.
The bag hasn't changed though because yah, guinea pigs.


I don't have a massive amount of tools to do my makeup, but these are the ones I use 
almost in daily basis. 
H&M eyebrow brush? - I use this to line my eyelids and the other side of the brush 
I use to blend my eyeshadow. 
URBAN DECAY eyeshadow brush - This one I use where it's supposed to be used, hahah. 
Oh, and sometimes I add highlighter with this one. 
REVOLUTION LONDON bronzer brush - with this one I'm applying my bronzer, duh. 
REAL TECHNIQUES powder brush - I apply my powder with this one. 
REVOLUTION LONDON foundation sponge - this one is for the foundation and 

The palettes I tend to carry with me are my Maybelline powder, Revolution London 
bronzer and Urban Decay's Naked Basics eyeshadow palette. All the essentials in a 
compact size. 

Foundation, mascara, concealer, eyeliner and lip balm are also something I always
keep in my makeup bag. 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


Several weeks ago I was seeing my upper secondary school buddy Susanna
after a really long time. That was such a refreshing coffee meet up. We went to
Starbucks and had our beverages to go and then we just walked around Helsinki.
I told her about my troubles to find a person who could do my makeup and hair for
the upcoming wedding and suddenly we ended up throwing ideas, inspiration and
ideas towards each other. It was a match made in heaven and for me personally it was
a huge relief that I found a person to do my makeup and hair for the big day.

We went to Stockmann and found a perfect match for our ideas from Isadora's
department. I picked up Isadora eye glow eyeshadow in shade 13 "Silver Mirror"
which I absolutely adore. I've planned a separate post about the final result of my
makeup for the wedding, so I'll get deeper in to these later with you guys when the
time comes. I also purchased Isadora eyeshadow trio in shade 79 "Violetta" and oh
how beautiful it looks like.
I can't wait to show you the final result of my wedding look when it's completely
planned and complete.
Catch you up later lovelies, x.

lots of love, Jasmin.



You might remember when I said that "I don't apply to schools this year, with the
wedding, blogging and work and all the other stuff I'm planning lately - I've got too
much on my plate". Okay, so how did that go? I applied to two schools and I'm having
2 entrance exams. Three, if I'm lucky.
Anyways, I've never been that organised person so I would say that I gather too much
on my plate a time to time and I'm super proud of my over achiever self if I succeed
with this project I got now going on so, wish me luck!
Today I decided to share with you my top5 tips for becoming entrance examination
and I hope this is helpful to at least some of you.


This is my number one rule with basically everything. I've never knew how 
to stress about something. You know like stress that much that I can't work 
with anything anymore. I'm lucky I know, but I believe that when you think 
that everything will eventually work the way it's supposed to be, there's no 
need to stress. Of course little stress always helps performance - but if you 
stress too much, it's no good for you. 


This one I learned from my co-worker and no, I do not have a study plan so 
I'm not supposed to be promoting this way to prepare for your entrance exams. 
But I've heard so much good about this method. When you have the plan and 
stick to it, it might make your learning head to a positive way. 


Revising is the mother of learning as they say, that's an annoying phrase and 
heard too often but as annoying as it is - it's true. 


When you're in the lobby, waiting to get to your position and start the test 
- remember to breath. There's so many people who are just so stressed and 
nervous about the exam that they forget how to breath. Just breath and repeat 
in your mind "I'm good at this, I know all of this."


Night before the exam, check that you've packed everything you need. 
Need a calculator? Check if you have it in your bag. You don't? Find it and 
put it there so you won't forget it. Check that you've got enough pencils and 
rubbers, everything. Double everything. But maybe not that calculator, they're 
pretty pricey. 

Do you have any useful tips of your own? 



Hi there lovelies I really don't know when this became like a monthly thing to do
these lists but you all seem to like these so let's get started. First I would really
like to try out more Tanya Burr products so I picked up Tanya Burr Galaxy eye palette 
to start this months wish list. It says on the website that it contains smoky shadows
and I'm all about the smoky eyes so oh yes, this is the thing. 
When I first heard about the Kardashian Beauty range I was thrilled to get my hands
to their products. That plan haven't been working out yet, but I know when my next
pay check arrives - this Kardashian Beauty Joystick lipstick pen is flying straight 
to the shopping cart. 
Hey guys, what do you know about the good eyeshadow primers? I've been on a hunt
for a good one - yet I still don't have any experiences about ones. This NYX Proof It! 
Waterproof eyeshadow primer seems like a good one, should I give it a go? 
Also there when I was scrolling through what NYX has to offer I stumbled upon this
beautiful NYX Avan Pop! Shadow palette and you know what? You can never have too
many eyeshadow palettes do you? 
Also, the Zoella Beauty Blissfull Mistful Solid Fragrance was just too cute to not to be in
this list. 

What do you think of these? 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


A little motivation for your week! Have a great week and what's a better way to start a new week than cherish Monday? The day of the new beginnings. 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


I noticed that I haven't been sharing things that actually goes through
my mind for a really long time. So what has been happening lately?
I don't really know where to even start.
You might remember when I said that "I don't want to get too much on my
plate" - well, I'm actually in that situation where I do have a tons of stuff on
my plate. I remember when I said that I won't be applying to schools this year
but where did I end up finding myself a couple of weeks ago?
I was filling the application form.
If I'm "lucky" I might be having 3 entrance exams during May and June.
I also have 3 gigs I'm going to see this summer in my calendar and one of them
will be in Sweden, so trip to Stockholm is already booked too.
The first part of my 4-week summer vacation is dedicated to our wedding. 1 week
before and 1 after.
The next two weeks of the vacation will be busy too, with traveling to Germany and Spain.
So where am I trying to go with this post?

The summer for this blog will mean a little, but not permanent, changes. As you
already might have noticed my little "suicide mission" that I'm at - I've started
daily blogging. My schedule is super full and I don't have crazy amounts of time
juggling between work, this blog and other activities mentioned before.
I have gathered around a group of lovely bloggers who wanted to help me out
and make a guest posts for this blog. That's what you're going to see next
three months.
They're all amazing and creative writers and I can't thank them enough.
So to keep this blog alive for the summer, and get to my goals for 2016 with
blogging daily, they're here to help.
I can guarantee that you will enjoy their posts.
This still doesn't mean that I'm going to disappear for three months. No, of
course not! You're going to see plenty of my posts as well.

So how am I doing? Better than last year this time. I'm also aware
of the crazy amount of work I've scheduled for myself keeping it busy
for the Summer.
I also know that this isn't the hardest battle to win, so I believe that
this all works out just as it was meant to be. I'm not the type of a person
who stress about things.

How are you doing? Let me know, I'd love to hear. 




I'm without a doubt always searching for ned travel destinations.
Traveling isn't cheap fun, but it's totally worth the money. Today I wanted
to share 5 places I must travel to someday and reasons why I want to
go to these places so badly.


Okay, I know this might sound like a huge blogger cliché
but trust me when I say it's not one. I discovered, haha discovered,
Maldives when I was 8-year-old geek living in Western-Finland
and spending most of my time in the library going through maps
and travel books.
Since then I've always desperately wanted to visit Maldives.


I've always been a huge fan of different stories. No, my intention is
not to go to monster hunting and going to go to Scotland because of
Loch Ness monster - but I love to hear stories. I've always had the
feeling that scottish people have loads of stories about Scotland
and their culture.
I don't know why, it has always been on my list of places I want to


This is also something I discovered while spending my childhood
in a small town library. I saw all those pictures and if Machu Picchu
looks like that in the pictures - I can't imagine how stunning
it is when you actually go there to see it with your own eyes.


I've always adored italian architecture and if I'm completely honest
here I've wanted to go to Rome ever since I saw the Lizzie McQuire
movie and start my singing career of my own because I look
exactly like someone who happens to be a huge thing in Italy.
Wait what did I just say?


This one has been on my mind ever since those #quokkaselfie's
started to spread through the Internet. Guessing why I want to
visit there? Haha.

lots of love, Jasmin.



We went to get a coffee with my school buddy Susanna last week, or was it a week before
that? I honestly can't remember anymore, whoopsie. That's what you get when you're
keeping it little too busy all the time, oh my. Anyways, more about that in a whole different
post later.
We stopped by at Stockmann and somehow ended up trying all the lipsticks one can imagine
and I obviously couldn't leave empty handed so I purchased this MaxFactor's lipstick in shade
Simply Nude.
I absolutely adore the colour of it and it's quite long lasting too. So casual and formal at the
same time.
What do you think? 

lots of love, Jasmin.

Ps. Already 95 follows this blog via bloglovin'. It's amazing, I love ya'll so much!



I bought myself these dungarees a while ago but there's not been good weather to
wear these yet. While waiting that day to come I started doing through my closet and I 
found a few ways to style these. I actually haven't done these kind of posts before but let see
how it goes. 

dungarees: noisy may
white printed t-shirt: eBay
grey t-shirt: tiger of sweden
jacket: vero moda
black top: vila

lots of love, Jasmin.


You must be wondering what on Earth is going on, why isn't she going to wear high
heels on her big day?
Answer to that is quite simple; I'm not that kind of a person.
I do wear heels sometimes if I'm in a mood for that, but only for short period of time.
I never go to the party wearing high heels, I don't go to work wearing high heels - if there's
a feeling in me and voice who wants me to wear high heels, I'd rather not.
Why? Because I find them extremely uncomfortable. They just aren't the shoes for
me and I've struggled to explain the reasons to few people who doesn't seem to understand
why I'd rather not wear high heels on our big day.
I mean, why one would must wear high heels on her wedding day? It's not a thing, right?
And if our wedding is our wedding the shoes I'll be wearing are something you can
expect especially when knowing me. So why would I have to wear high heels, why?
I was struggling to choose between two brands - Vans or Converse.
How did I ended up with these?
I fell in love with them the first time I saw these and said:
"These will be my shoes for the wedding".
Ps. I think I could be an awesome shoe model. Wait what? Okay, not really.
Pps. Big thanks for these pictures go to my awesome fiancé.

Do you think that bride should wear high heels on her wedding day?

lots of love, Jasmin.


You know what's great about Netflix? You can make a marathon.
I've, or actually we've been obsessed to crime series lately and here comes our
TOP3 series on Netflix!


The Glades is based to Florida which brings up so much nostalgia to me. Oh
how I miss Florida.
Well, anyways, it's about a detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) from
Chicago who was recently transferred to be a detective in Florida. He thought he
could spend his time playing some golf and writing a couple of speeding tickets
and that's about it. Enjoy from the life in the Sunshine State as they say.
Like we all know, nothing ever goes as planned so murders begin to appear
and there he goes again.
In every episode there's a different murder but life of the characters is also on point.
Give it a go and you won't disappoint.
One disclaimer tho, this series lasted for 4 seasons and 5th is nowhere to be seen.
The producer decided to cut it out of the budget.


This is a comedy show starring Andy Samberg. It's freaking good.
We've got only 2 seasons in our Netflix, but I've heard that the 3rd
has already aired in the US so there will be more to come for us finns too.
This is funny and right show for ones who wants to laugh before going to bed.


I have to point out now how huge Sherlock Holmes -fan I am and how
I've always been adoring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to come up with this
amazing character. I've read all the books where Sherlock is and I'm
always quite thrilled to find a TV-series that is somehow based to Sherlock
Holmes. You must be a genius to write a character like Sherlock Holmes.
Anyway - Elementary is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes.
Doctor Watson is a woman, Miss Hudson is a transsexual (or at least it seemed
like that) and Mycroft owns a bunch of restaurants around the world.
I love how screenwriters have played with the characters in this one a lot,
but yet not too much.
Characters live in New York and everything what happens or is based to New York
is kind of my weak spot.
I absolutely love New York.

Have you watched any of these? 




1. Get drinks for the thirsty people from the 
land of cheap booze [read: Estonia].

2. Get the wedding rings.

3. Get last minute decorations &
buy the candles.

4. Find a place for the photoshoot.

5. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.

6. Bake some sweet desserts. 

7. Be in touch with invited people
who haven't been showing any signs 
whether they're alive or not.
(This means people who have been
invited, but haven't reacted to the invitation
in any way).

8. Plan the wedding program.

9. Meet the priest.

10. Act like a complete bridezilla and
stop being so calm 
- bitch you're getting married.



I've got myself a new iPhone case. I think it's lovely.
What do you think about it? 



You might remember my post about "5 reasons why planning a wedding is horrendous" so I now decided to gather around 5 reasons why planning the wedding is actually quite amazing. So you don't get the feeling that I don't want to get married in the first place - let's get to the list.


1. You'll get to make plans for
the most meaningful party with
the most meaningful person in your life.

2. The dress.

3. Planning the menu, decorations and
everything else in between.

4. Gathering both families under the same
roof at the same time.

5. Realizing that you're going to spend the rest
of your life with the person you love the most
and that's all that matters.




On Wednesday we tried something really unusual and decided to make a 
lot healthier dessert than usually. Instead of those unhealthy and sugary pancakes we
normally do - we made banana pancakes. 
I've heard so much good about them so I decided to give them a go. 


- 2 bananas
- 2 eggs
- 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder


1. Peel the bananas and break the eggs to a blender. 
Like you'd be doing egg/banana smoothie ( sounds awful tho). 
Add the baking powder in to the mix. 

2. Heat a small frying pan and use butter for cooking so 
the dough won't stick to the pan. I used coconut oil, as we're trying 
to be so super healthy here and all, but you can use whatever you want to. 

Have you ever tried banana pancakes? What do you think? 



Let's face it, money runs this world. In order to survive, we're going to need some money.
For everything we do or what we need, we need money. 
I don't say that I'm a professional when it comes to saving money,
but I'm pretty comfortable with my current money situation so I guess it's working then.


I'm using the Numbers app on my laptop for sorting out where my money is going.
It's basically Apple's version of excel. Budget is really important and it lets you see
where your money is going to. I write down how much my salary is and then I list how
much things there to pay before buying anything else. After sorting this out you'll see
how much money there's left from your salary to spend.


For me, this is very important. I have to pay everything when my salary
arrives to my bank account because otherwise I would worry all the time of that
one bill I haven't paid yet. This way, you get all covered for the rest of the month.
After paying my bills, the money that's left on my account makes me think do I really
need all of the stuff I want to buy. 


I've planned menu to this household for 4 weeks from now. Of course there can and
will be changes but we go to the grocery store 1 or 2 times a week, thanks for the planning.
There won't be any impulse purchases and we buy all we need at a time.


...Even if it makes you to go to two different markets. We buy all our food from Lidl,
because it's the cheapest food market chain in Finland. On the other side,
we can't find everything from Lidl so we'll have to go to a different store. It's okay.
Same goes with clothing; do you have to buy that Filippa K t-shirt for 55€
when you'll get one exactly  look-a-like and same from H&M for 10€?


Think  about how much money you want to save.
Let's have an example:
Lisa gets salary worth 1000€ per month. She pays her bills and there will be
300€ left to spend food and other supplies. Let's imagine that Lisa spends 30€/week
for food so there will be left 180€ to spend other activities every month.
Knowing that her income won't change anytime soon.
Lisa needs to decide how much she wants to save, so let's say that she wants to get
a new camera that costs 800€. If Lisa wants to go out, have fun and stuff there's
not much to save from 180€.
Let's say that Lisa decides to save 30€/month.
It takes her 27 months to save money for the camera, which is approximately
2 years and 2 months.
Lisa is also a made up person with a made up income,
but she does make a point doesn't she.


You  want to go out to party, dinner or movies right?
I'm not saying that you shouldn't - I'm saying that if Lisa wants to save for
her camera faster, she can't go out partying every weekend.
Alcohol is expensive.


I don't necessarily use all of my money within one month, so a day before
my pay day I check how much money I got left in my bank account.
Before I go to sleep, I empty my bank account to my saving account
so I'll get a fresh start for the next months budget.
And also, it's extra saving haha.


I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain this. If I do... Well.
I hope some of these tips were helpful to you,
do you have any tips for saving to add this list of mine?



The Body Shop products have always been close to my heart. I don't purposely go to The Body Shop store by myself but people tend to give me their products or gift cards there for Christmas and birthday gifts. I'm super glad and thankful for that.
I got this strawberry body polish from my fiancé for Christmas last year with bunch of other lovely TBS products and now that I've had time to try this product I'll let you know what I think about it.

Body polish is packed to a 75ml tube and I'm actually glad that it is. When I had TBS Argan Oil body scrub, it was in a jar an I hated how I always succeeded to fill the jar with water. #showerproblems.
I also believe that other point about this product that I'm soon about to note doesn't come as a surprise to anyone - this smells like strawberries.
I love strawberries so 10 points go to my fiancé with this one. I could spend a whole summer just eating strawberries.

I really enjoy the relaxing pamper evenings and when I'm smelling like a strawberry field at the Midsummer, it makes me enjoy of it even more.Texture of this product is something that I adore, it's beautiful.

What do you think about this body polish & would you give it a go?