We are the generation that shares every bit and piece from their lives on different social media platforms. We are the generation who will let the food cool down while we're on a mission to get that perfect picture of our dish with perfect hashtags and filters. After sharing our plate on Instagram, we picturise it to the Snapchat. 
We take 100s of selfies during a day and none of them seems to look good in our eyes but we're still feeling the need to share our faces all around our social medias. 
Our generation seems to be living by likes, shares and followers. Seems like nothing else matters.
When does it go too far? When does it become an sick addiction? When does it change our self-image and makes us feel miserable?
     I use all the social medias every single day, but I don't see it like an addiction. I can go days without checking my facebook or instagram feed. I can go days without posting a thing to any of my social medias. If I post a new picture to Instagram, I honestly don't care how much likes it will get. Not every people feels like this and I guess I know why I feel about social media like I do.
When I was little, computers were so new thing. There was no internet access everywhere and our phones couldn't use wifi. We didn't even had colours in our phones and not to mention about touch screens. My luxury was having NOKIA3310 at age 10 and it had an awesome game called "Snakes" in it.
Today, kids at age 10 are wondering wheter their parents are going to buy them new iPhone, Samsung or Sony. Of course with unlimited use of data, calls and texts. Here I'm going to add that nowadays in Finland we're having unlimited 4G or 3G data access, unlimited texts and unlimited calls basically in every single phone. 
      Other day my fiancé told me how he was driving home from work and stopped to the red light. He saw how a little girl walked across the street without even looking if she had a green or red light. Her light turned to red and she just kept walking staring at her phone. His light turned to green and she still kept walking staring at her phone. My fiancé decided to teach her a lesson and put gear to neutral position so that when he slightly pressed gas, the car didn't move anywhere but made a noise like it would.
Girl immediately turned her head up and quickly ran across the street. 
My fiancé said that the girl had luck that he was there, because if there wouldn't be anyone and the light had been green someone could've just drive fast without noticing that girl who had no idea that her light had turned red. There could've been an accident.
     We walk around staring at our phones. We walk around without seeing what's going on outside of the Internet. We're living through the Internet without having any actual interaction with other people. When we go out with friends, we stare at our phones and text to each other. 
When we go out we want to share every single detail to our social media friends. Taking pictures, writing tweets, snapchatting with strangers and making photo albums to Facebook. What happened to printed photos and albums that are actually there - on your book shelves? When is the last time you read a book?
When is the last time you actually took a pencil and a blank paper and wrote something nice in it? When is the last time you knew the answer to a simple question like "what is the largest mammal in the world?" without using google to answer it for you?
It's blue whale if you're wondering.
I'm not here to judge anyones social media behaviour because I use them a lot too, but I want you all to think about how much you usually use time from your precious life to look after what everybody else is doing or eating.
I've put a lot of thinking to this lately and I just wanted to share everything that's going on my head at the moment.
     Is it worth it all, really? I'm challenging you to choose a day and spend it without using any social medias - let me know how it worked out. 

Just thoughts for your Friday, have fun and get some new experiences lovelies


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  1. I love social media and I can spend hours on it. But I never forget to live real life, enjoy 1 day per week without checking social media at all, and I think that is a healthy addiction!


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