Over the past few weeks I've been challenging myself to think about 100 things that are making me happy. That's a pretty necessary for me to do, because year 2015 was such a pain in the ass. Emotionally. It was hard.
So now that I'll have a lists of things that are making me happy, maybe one day I'll completely can forget all the bad stuff that has happened and get focused to all the good stuff. I'm pretty sure it'll work out for me. Eventually.

1. I'm going to marry one of my
best friends so very soon.

2. I've got the most amazing
fiancé in the world.

3.  My friends are awesome.

4. I can call my grandmother whenever
 I want and share anything
I want to share with her.

5. My little brother is probably
 the best thing that has
ever came to my life.
6. I have a steady financial situation.

7. I've got a permanent job.

8. Chocolate.

9. I've got awesome co-workers.

10. I really like my job.
Well, if I didn't,
I guess I wouldn't wake up
at 4AM every single morning.

11. Guinea pigs.

12. The way he looks at me.

13. This blog.
Feels like I've found
the passion to write again.

14. Writing.

15. The way I write my blog posts.
Blank paper and a pencil.

16. I cry a little less every day.

17. When our guinea pigs
get out of their cage and
are discovering
our living room.

18. late mornings.

19. coffee.
20. getting organized.

21. sunshine.

22. traveling.

23. pizza.

24. funny youtube videos.

25. hugs.
I'm not a hugger,
so if I hug you,
you must be really
special to me.

26. My grandfather promised
to walk me down the aisle.

27. fresh oranges for breakfast.

28. strawberries.

29. thinking of summer...

30. ... and new potatoes!

31. taking pictures.

32. hanging out with friends.

33. baking.

34. having a plenty of
time to do my makeup.

35. eating out.

36. when it's day off
and you don't have to
wake up at 4AM.

37. when you wake up at
2AM and realise that
you can still continue
sleeping for 2 hours.

38. waking up to a
smell of the fresh coffee.

39. staying home instead
of going out partying.

40. hotel beds.

41. smell of the ocean.

42. beach.

43. not being recognised
as a finn outside of

44. music.

45. singing.

46. funny movie.

47. kisses. from my fiancé,
just to be clear.

48. reading a good book.

49. achieving something.

50. good gossips.

51. the sims.

52. candles.

53. body scrubs.

54. pampering evenings.

55. seeing a baby smiling.

56. when hair looks good.

57. my new hand bag,
sounds a bit superficial
but what can you do.

58. when he says he loves me.

59. sweet texts.

60. when I've accomplished
something that I've planned.

61. when packing my suitcase before

62. hear the birds singing.

63. random people smiling.

64. coffee breaks at work.

65. potatoes.

66. new comment on
the blog.

67. dancing.

68. doing a huge netflix

69. sleeping.

70. sleeping next to him.

71. long conversations.

72. sunday breakfast.

73. hearing a guinea pig sneeze.

74. long hot shower
after a rough day
at work.

75. when makeup looks good.

76. new lipstick.

77. dreaming.

78. doing lists.

79. sunset at the beach.

80. finding a restaurant
what does have amazing french fries.

81. french fries.

82. when he takes
me out on a date.

83. taking pictures
for my blogposts.

84. the look our guinea pigs
give me when I chat & play
with them.

85. peanut the piggie.

86. how my legs feel
after shaving.

87. traveling to Spain.

88. baths.

89. ocean.

90. sand.

91. palm trees.

92. when I go to my
happy place.

93. new shoes.

94. the way my little
brother looks at me.

95. when I see how good my
fiancé is with kids.

96. cooking.

97. when it's perfect lightning
to shoot some pictures.

98. how little things
make me smile.

99. drawing.

100. plans for this year.




  1. Making lists and the Sims are my favourite! Haha Something so satisfying about making lists. I love your positivity and yes we should focus on all the good things we have in life and not worry about what we don't have! www.theblondeb.com Char xoxo

    1. Sims is the best hahah! Thank you for your lovely comment:-)

  2. I love making lists like these, and reading other people's, just makes me feel so content. I hope things work out for you, keep smiling :)

    Hannah xx | www.hannahemilylane.com

  3. I love this! We should take the time to think about the little things more often.

    Jemima x

    1. Oh definetly! That's the most important thing that makes you happy they say :-)

  4. What a lovely post! It can be so hard to stop focusing on the negative when bad things happen, but it's always possible to find the positive somewhere, just as you've shown. I hope 2016 brings you a lot more happiness :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    1. What a lovely comment, thank you so much! It's true that happiness can be found on little things and I'm trying my best to concentrate on that now :-)

  5. I absolutely love this post so much! Congratulations to your and your fiancé! And girl, kudos to you for waking up at 4am for work every morning! (I think 7:30am is bad!)

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine! :-) hahah I'm kind of used to waking up that early, even tho it means that I need to go to bed really early on the evenings. Well, not every evening. It's kind of awful to try to go to sleep early hah.

  6. I love your comments about your guinea pigs. Take me back to the day I had two of them=) I am with you on so many of your points! Like waking up and drinking that fresh cup of coffee every morning. Yum!! I will say that I am a little jealous(in a good way) you wake up for your job at 4 am, and you actually enjoy it!! I long for the day that I am able to say that. I really enjoyed your post!! Beautiful blog you have!!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, somedays (like today after a weekend sleeping late) I feel like I want to throw my iPhone through the wall because the alarm went on the middle of me dreaming about ice cream and stuff - but luckily I wake up before I get to work so hahah :D ps. We've got 5 piggies :-)

  7. What a great post. Congrats to you and your fiancee!!

  8. Wow! I think it is great how you come up with 100 things to be happy about! I love that you considered the smallest things, too! So many forget the small things can add up overtime and become a huge part of why we are happy! Great job!!

    Erin | www.awelderswife.com

    1. I believe the smallest things are those that matters the most :-)

  9. Be positive and spread good karma..... this is perfect!! So many happy things!!

    1. Little things are those that makes life worth living :-)

  10. Reminding ourselves of things that we are happy about makes us more grateful. I'm so happy that you're marrying your bestfriend ! wish ya'll all the best. I'm living with my grandma lol she makes me happy everyday :)

    1. Thank you so much Maryam :-) Loved your comment! I call my grandma basically every day, they're awesome <3

  11. This is awesome! I love positivity and recognizing the things that make one happy, no matter how small.

    1. I believe that the smallest things are the ones that make one the happiest :-)

  12. I love lists too! I also love this idea, I'm excited for you to complete this list!! It's awesome! I might complete one too!! Thanks for the positivity and inspiration..

  13. this is actually a good idea cause 100 things to be thankful for makes u think woow life isnt that bad.

  14. This is such a cute blog idea! The writing one is really true, I'm at my most content when I'm scribbling down one idea or another.

  15. I noticed that you are first grateful for the people in your life and family first, and I think that it's important. More people should see life that way :)

    1. Thank you :) I've got so many amazing people in my life and I couldn't be more grateful.

  16. Sometimes we forget the good things in our lives because we too focus on the opposite things. A list like this could help us to remember that.

  17. I loved this! What a great way to up lift your spirit! I think I'll follow your lead and do it my self! (If I post is on the blog, can I back link to you?)

    1. Of course you can! That would be lovely :-)


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