the pros and cons of being a blogger

With every hobby, job and a thing you do has it's own pros and cons. I decided to make my own list of the pros and cons of being a blogger. You know, blogging is a hard and committed work
This is basically for everyone who is wondering to start a blog or wants to know more about blogging. 


- you can express yourself

- planning posts is actually
really fun

- receiving lovely and supporting
comments makes you happy
and gives you the motivation
to go on

- gaining readers is more
rewarding you could imagine
"Wow, someone actually
reads this crap!"

- you'll get to join amazing 
blog community and meet
people all around the world.
Or your country if you're 
writing with your native 
language, that is something 
else than english.


- hate comments.
It's a thing you should ignore 
completely and not mind about.
Is it easy? 
Not really. 

- when people imagine that blogging
is easy source of income. 
Want to hear the truth? 
If you're not Zoella, it really isn't. 
It's a really hard work that gets you
to the point to earn money from
your social media influence.

- scheduling. tweeting. promoting.
Wouldn't it just be easier if everyone just
magically finds your blog 
without promoting it in any way?

- when people say: "you're doing
your blog-thing just because of all the free
Yea, well. Hate to break it to you but
we don't get free stuff floating from 
our doors and windows. Umm. Nope.
I wouldn't mind tho.

- writers block. 
There comes a time when your
inspiration is gone. It can last
days, weeks or even months
but it will come back eventually.
Sooner or later.

Do you have anything to add to this list of pros and cons of being a blogger?


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  1. Yes! Especially the inspiration one.

    1. Writing posts in advance when I got my inspiration flowing well helps me a lot to survive during a writers block:D

  2. Pro- working on blog posts during my "down time."

  3. this post is just to real honestly ! specially the "promoting" part ! I never knew that copy pasting a link could be so exhausting haha

    1. It is absolutely exhausting hahah :-D

  4. Completely agree with you!
    You should totally celebrate!

    1. Thank you from your lovely comment Paola :-)

  5. Blogging is not only fun but it's a hard work on the other side. Great post!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment:-)

  6. This is an honest list! Blogging is hard work, but for me it has been worth it! I have met a lot of great people in the blogging community that share my lifestyle views, which I haven't been able to find within my family and friends outside of the blogging community.


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