scary elevator

Our elevator was acting a bit crazy few weeks ago. I just had a bad dream during the night and I was still feeling a bit awful about it. My fiancé said that on that Wednesday when I walked out of our front door I just left standing there, went completely pale and was staring to the hallway like I just saw a ghost.
Hah, maybe our building is haunted or something, but that day the elevator was acting out.
What did I saw then when I walked out that door?
First I saw a light, which was bit odd at first, because usually when I walk out pop the door I have to turn the lights on. It's pitch dark there.
Elevator doors were wide open and the light that reached to the hallway was coming from that elevator. The doors were wide open and there wasn't anybody in it.
It was so creepy and it had never happened before. So no, I'm not using that elevator anymore.
And yes, every day I get home from work, I take the stairs to our floor. 5th floor.
But it's just good exercise right?



  1. I wouldn't get into any elevator for some time no matter how many stairs i have to take :D

    1. Haven't used ours unless in special occasions after that :D

  2. Stairs are fun actually if you listen music because you get more time to listen music until you get to the destination lol.

  3. That's really creepy! On the other hand, you got good exercise with the stairs -:)

  4. Stairs are a great substitute to creepy elevators! I don't like them either, and would prefer taking the stairs.

  5. hahahaha Oh my that is freaky. I would take the stairs too!


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