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I've seen a ton of these kinds of posts where you're using snapchat to My day blogpost. I'm currently writing this on our way home. J's driving and I'm basically editing pictures.
It's really early wakeup tomorrow because I got work, but I guess I'll survive. At least I hope so.

My morning basically started with the wrong shoes. It was 0°C degrees out and everything was kind of frozen and really slippery. Converse definitely wasn't the right choice for today's shoes. I've learned that and now I just have to remember that. 

I couldn't resist buying a huge Olaf when I saw it at the Hamley's. It was so cute! I'm also pretty sure that I became "that weirdo who's obsessed to Frozen" at work today. Also, my boss had no clue what this snowman was so I basically had to educate him. 
J also had put a very random reminder to our family group reminders so of course I got a bit confused. 

Today at work was absolutely exhausting once again and I was ready to leave after 1PM today. I'm still super tired but instead of sleeping during this little road trip back to home I decided to write this post. 
I also took a picture of my outfit for today at the locker room and I'm wearing:

Parka - Noisy May
Jacket - Vero Moda
Top - Ted Baker
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse

J picked me up from work and Olaf and I were waiting him outside in the little rain. It also takes almost 3 hours to drive to our moms place. 

We had a pitch stop at Riihimäki ABC to fill the tank. 

Well obviously I had to take pictures of Olaf on the road. It's just that I get really easily bored when I'm on the car so I need to entertain myself somehow. This is a normal 21-year-old behaviour, right? 

The real reason we took this little road trip today was my cousins prom. She was absolutely stunning! I loved her turquoise dress. This is a tradition in Finland at upper secondary schools. When seniors are leaving for reading vacation for the finals, sophomores are dancing to school, family and friends. After the prom they're having an afterparty where they usually get absolutely wasted and continue that celebration going to a cruise to Stockholm. Hah, been there, done that. 
All for celebrating being oldest at the school.

I found this lovely wine bottle from the liquor store and it has my favourite hockey team shirt & logo in it. I didn't buy it tho, but it was just fun! 
Our tradition is to get something to eat from the local grill "Vilkku" and I always have french fries with grill seasoning. It's my absolute favourite and these are best fries I've ever had ever. Really. So damn good. 

We had time to stop by and have a cup of coffee at one of my best friends house and it was really nice to see her after a really long time. 

Now we're on our way home and my usual wake up at 4AM waits. I think we'll be home at 12AM so I can sleep for 4 hours, but it was totally worth it. 



  1. I've never seen these type of post with snapchat photos. that olaf tho , he's so cute haha

    1. It was so cute that I couldn't leave it at the Hamley's :D it was only 18,80€ tho, so it wasn't a waste of money.

  2. I've seen this type of snapchat blog posts :D says much more than simply writing. Your day looked so tiring though :(

    1. hahah, it was absolutely exhausting :D

  3. My goodness I'm worn out from your day! I like that you carried Olaf with you and took pictures with him on y'alls journey! My friend did that one year as a project, but she used Simba from the Lion King. It was fun to see where all they would go to.

    1. Well that's awesome! Haha, I think Olaf needs instagram account :D

  4. Really love the idea of making a post with snapchat pictures! Really interesting! Wonderful post!!

    1. That's really nice to hear, thank you :-)

  5. That is a cool and different idea. I like it!


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