We went to a wedding fair today with my lovely maid of honor and I'm going to full this post with all the inspirational things we saw today. Prepare lovelies, this will definitely be a long one.
"Love me do - different wedding exhibition" was held over at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki and it was so full of people.
There was examples from a lots of different table settings, dresses and we even got to taste some cakes. We left pretty quick after the fashion show and pictures are taken with my iPhone so quality isn't that great in those last pictures.

toasted rye bread with chicken


- rye bread (duh)
- cheese
- chicken
- tomatoes
- salad 


- ruisleipää (duh)
- juustoa
- kanaa
- tomaattia
- salaattia
- basilikaa

Heat the oven in 225°C degrees first and then start to cook chicken in the frying pan. 
Place rye bread pieces in a baking tray with some cheese slices. 
When the chicken is ready, place them too to a rye bread. Like in the picture. 
Bake them in the oven for 5-7 minutes or until cheese has melted. 

// Lämmitä uuni 225°C asteeseen ja paista kana. 
Lätki ruisleivät uunipellille ja juustoa päälle. Kun kana on valmis, laita sitä joka toiselle ruisleivälle. 
Paista näitä uunissa 5-7minuuttia tai kunnes juusto on sulanut. 

Add salad & tomatoes, put your bread on a plate and you're ready to enjoy :-) 

// Lisää salaatti & tomaatit, pistä leipä lautaselle ja olet valmis nauttimaan :-)