latest instagrams | BLOGMAS DAY 14

It's time to catch up with you guys! I've been so super busy. Flying around like a bee. What? Okay, I've been working and shopping. Mostly shopping all the cool and lovely Christmas presents to my loved ones. Am I the only one who seems to find everything to herself but not for anyone else? Because that pug jumper is definitely one of those things. It's super cozy and I'm so in love with it. After a rough day I just want to roll up in a blanket like a burrito, turn on the TV and stay there until it's necessary to move somewhere. 
This has been my only day off this week and I'm pretty glad, next one will be on Saturday and I don't have any posts planned for you guys! I'm so lazy so we need to fly to the Christmas eve. Hah, no, I'll figure something out, I always do. 
How's your weekend been guys? Let me know in the comment box. By the way, isn't that green elf christmas card just the cutest thing one can receive? My little brother made it and I'm like one of these super proud soccer moms, as a sister tho. What?



  1. Your pug sweater is so cute :) And that quote about gold eyelids, too true hahaha


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