independence day | BLOGMAS DAY 6

All the credit for all these pictures goes to Finnish Nightmares. On our lovely little independence day I wanted to share some stuff with you - some stuff that describes finns a quite perfectly. Nah, we're really peace loving people. Mostly. 
Love to be alone and not to chat with people. Our small talk skills are zero. We don't talk unless we have to.
We just like to go fishing and spend whole summer (3weeks) on our small cottage without any electricity or clean water. 
Not all finns, most of us. 
I just love how someone can just sum everything we do to a one picture and we all can relate to it. Without talking to each other. 
I'll give you now a step by step guide of how to be a proper finn. 

1. We don't do small talk. It's just "Hi" and "bye" when we run to each other at the city. 

2. We have to avoid all the situations where we have to talk to people during grocery shopping or walking on the streets - so instead of looking forwards whilst walking, we keep our eyes on the ground.

3. Buy a cottage. Next to a lake, it's not supposing to be hard because we got plenty of lakes over here. Go to a sauna, any time of the year. Go to swimming in the lake, any time of the year. If you're lucky enough to have snow; after sauna, you have to roll in the snow - naked. That's what we do.

4. Every time you get hurt, yell "Perkele!"

5. Eat sausages with mustard and beer.

6. When you're drunk, get super chatty and make new relationships. This is thing you're supposed to do every weekend, Fridays and Saturdays. 

7. Doing things above, remember to complain about everything. How government sucks, how there's too many foreign people, how the beer is getting warm, how beer is going to end, complain about forgetting where you left your pants. You know, normal stuff. 

8. To be a proper finn, you can't be related to swedish people in any way - but you can still get your furniture from Ikea, listen to ABBA, get your batteries from Clas Ohlson & buy your clothing from H&M. 

9. You have to be a fan of ice hockey.

10. If someone says anything good about you or how you do your job, remember to answer "nah, nooo, I was just drawing some angry birds, it's not that big of a deal.." 

Here you go! Now you can pretend to be a very stereotypical Finnish person. Remember that all of us aren't like this, this is just very twisted stereotypical opinion of finns that I've created in my mind. 
Have  a great independence day! 




  1. Haha! Swedes are definetly quite simmilar to finns, we are also super awkward and suck at small talk.

    1. hahaha, jag har inte träffat besvärliga/pinsam svenska personen i mitt liv. :D
      kanske någon dag!


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