#friendbook | BLOGMAS DAY 13

I've ran in to these Friendbook - challenge posts over browsing through the blogger universe and decided to participate in it too. Idea of this is just list of favourite somethings. When I was a little girl, I had these friend books where all my friends would write their favourites and these little notebooks were rolling through the class room from 1st to 3rd grade all the time. It's just a lovely little trip through the memory lane once again, with some updated answers.

// Törmäsin näihin ystäväkirja - haasteisiin selaillessani blogien ihmeellistä maailmaa ja ajattelin itsekin osallistua. Ideanahan tässä on käytännössä listailla lemppareita. Kun olin pieni, mulla oli näitä ystäväkirjoja joihin mun kaverit kirjoittivat omia lemppareitaan. Nämähän oli suosittuja ykköseltä kolmoselle ala-asteella ja seilasivat jatkuvasti ympäri luokkaa. Pieni mukava reissu taas muistojen polulle, päivitetyillä vastauksilla tosin. 


I absolutely adore Berlin. It's one place I do not regret visiting. I'm also a fan of Miami and Stockholm.

Vacation place?
I don't know why but I've always wanted to visit Maldives. I'll go there, someday. 

"I know what you did last summer"
"Broken Home"
It's so hard to pick just one! :D

Restaurant & dish? 
I'm not a restaurant person, but we went the other day to restaurant called Monento & french fries there were good. 

If I was five now, I'd say sprite but now I'll just go with water. 

Balck Mass, Inside Out, Horrible Bosses, Frozen, basically every Disney movie ever made. 

How I Met Your Mother, The Glades (even tho it ended up in such a horrible cliff hanger), Vampire Diaries, True Blood & O.C.

Will Grayson, will Grayson & Before I die

Oversized sweater and aztec leggings with wool socks, pure love!

Makeup product?
My makeup revolution london matte effect foundation. 

Hair product?
Aussie Miracle moist shampoo & conditioner.

Instagram, what question is this :D

hmm, this is a hard one! I've been in love with @dorkfaceblog's feed right now.

Mourning routines?
Sundays are my favourites, because I can wake up whenever I want and spend time with my cup of coffee as long as I want.



What's in your closet? 
Too much clothes I don't use. I should do something to those, but then I'll get afraid I won't have any clothes left. 

What do you pack for a vacation?
Depends of the destination. If it's somewhere warm and there's cheaper than Finland (basically everywhere else than Norway), I'll take the essentials & buy everything else from the destination. 
I like to travel light. 

What do you do at home when you're alone?
I pretend to be like a freaking rockstar in front of the mirror with my headphones on. I'm so lame.

Latest home decor you've bought?
I guess it had something to do with candles.. Seriously can't remember :D

Your latest WhatsApp - message? 
"I noticed."

Best places to go shopping, have dinner and drinks at your hometown?
Well, in my actual hometown there isn't much places to do any of these, but here where I live now I'd recommend Kamppi or Forum to do some shopping. Chico's for dinner and umm.. for drinks, I can't tell. I don't have a clue, I don't drink that much. 

What's on your shopping list on this Winter? 
I definitely need a new jacket.  

What's always in your bag?
Keys to my apartment. 

Best way to spend 50€? 
Food of course. 



  1. Näitä kysymyspostauksia on aina niin kiva lukea! Ja toi before I die on kyllä hyvä kirja! Luin sen joskus yläasteella ensimmäisen kerran, mutta edelleen yksi suosikeista, vaikka oon monia kirjoja lukenut tässä välissä. Pitäis kyllä lukea uudelleen! :)

    1. Itte luen sen jostain syystä aina ennen joulua :D kesto suosikki!


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