4 ways to using twitter to promote your blog | BLOGMAS DAY 19

First things first, this is how I use Twitter to promote my blog, there's many ways more than mine, so remember that this is just one way to use this social media platform. 


While using Twitter, there's important to use different hashtags to get your tweet the wanted publicity. I add to my tweet max 3 different hashtags, sometimes only two. You don't want to get too many hashtags on your tweets, it makes them a bit confusing sometimes. 

#lbloggers - this is a hashtag for the lifestyle bloggers. So if your blog is a lifestyle blog, you should definitely use this. 
#bbloggers - this is a hashtag for the beauty bloggers. 

#foodbloggers - this pretty much tells itself for what it's used, hahah. 

#fbloggers - this is a hashtag for the fashion bloggers. Hashtag I rarely use, wondering why? Well, after all, I'm not a fashion blogger. I only use this if the blog post I'm trying to "advertise" is fashion related. 

There's also many other hashtags, but these are the ones I use.


If you're a new to twitter, retweeting is like sharing in FB. You share other users tweets by retweeting them. Tagging these accounts to your tweet, they'll notice it and retweet it for their followers so even more people can see your tweet. I usually tag only one retweeting account to my tweet, just to make my tweet look more good visually. 


The link to your blog post is usually a bit long and in twitter you'll get to write a specific amount of letters, so you might want to make your link a bit shorter. I remember that I read somewhere that shorten links will also increase your page views, don't know about that then but at least it makes your tweet look a lot better. Hahah. Here's some useful links to go and short your actual link. 


Tweetdeck is a platform you can use to schedule your tweets. It logs in to your twitter account and you'll be able to see your feed, messages and scheduled tweets. It doesn't even have to be open when it tweets by itself your scheduled tweets. It's pretty awesome. 

That's pretty much all I have to share for now, do you enjoy these types of posts? 


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