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Back in July, July 25th to be exact, we ventured to the Old Town of Porvoo. It was such a warm day, over 30°C degrees - I honestly can't remember the time it's been this hot during the Summer. Now that we're turning into Autumn, slowly and steady I feel like I'm actually able to breathe again.


I have been waiting for ages to be able to write this post, as our bathroom is something we haven't gone through over at the blog yet. There's a simple reason for that, as well; because we saved it for the last as there wasn't going to be any major changes. Though I would like to change the floor over there, it's a hell of a work! And especially facing the possible plumbing work there will be done (we don't know when or where, or even at all but there is a possibility for that) it would be stupid to go and make some major changes there at this point.

A DAY IN MY LIFE | 300818

Nothing very specific or extreme happened on Thursday the 30th of August. I just felt like it would be lovely to give some variation to my days. To help you to understand my day-to-day life a bit better. Although, this is not like any other day I'd have.