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During my trip to Edinburgh, I made a quite funny conclusion. I used to think Helsinki was very grey until the very moment the airport bus reached its final destination. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely fell in love with Edinburgh with all its architecture and all - but I also realised that it's grey as fuck. And I absolutely loved it. I also loved the fact that it made me understand that there are places that are more grey than Helsinki is. So I learnt something new. And I love learning new things.


Oh wow, what is this? Just getting back to blogging and I'm already sharing a fashion related post with you guys? No worries, though - LTWJ isn't going to turn into a fashion blog. I'm not interesting enough. However, my new shoes arrived last month and those are definitely worthy for a blog post! I'd like to begin this by saying that this blog post isn't collaboration post in any way, I just wanted to show you a flipping gorgeous pair of shoes I bought by myself.


Happy 2nd of December everyone! While I'm slowly returning back to blogging again, I decided to share some pictures of our photoshoot we did a few weeks ago with my co-worker. It was such windy and chilly day back then and we ended up with some lovely moody shots.