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I'd like to begin this post by telling you that I'm not dead. I'm rather busy and now that the Father's Day weekend is creeping up on me I'm busy and anxious. *Insert here a massive amount of time spent trying to find a blog post about Father's Day you've written but you didn't find it so you can't link it*. However, while I've been running around Helsinki shooting pictures of different people in different media companies for our customer project, been at work-work, you know the one I get paid for and suffered through a flu last month has been exceptionally productive.


Since the IPCC released its latest report on how fucked we all are, I haven't been able not to think about how I'd survive to live in a country, where it wouldn't snow anymore. If you haven't figured it out yet, the climate change is a real thing. If you still aren't buying it, hop in a lake. I mean seriously. The time has come and it's our responsibility to fix it if we want this little planet of ours to get better.


My little Autumn vacay is coming to its end today and even though it didn't last longer than a couple of days, I'm ready to go back to work already. Ask me again in six weeks how am I feeling about this okay? The next six weeks will be crazy busy with work, with uni (we started our first customer project last week, eek!) and life in general driving around Finland again in different family parties.