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Is there a possibility that we've stayed in multiple Clarion Hotels because we trust to get excellent service from there? Yes, there is. However, most of the rules come with an exception and Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Sweden was one of them.
So if you're looking for a stay in the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, choose Clarion Hotel Stockholm in Södermalm, which I mentioned in the 2017 summer's post about Stockholm.


It's time for another Sunday Smoothie recipe! How do you feel, have you been enjoying these so far? I'm already trying to figure out what kind of a theme I'd have for next summer. Though, when it comes to smoothies basically the sky is your limit. You can combine anything with anything and it's super easy and quick, yet healthy way to start your day.


If you are looking for a perfect Instagram photo location and you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden at the same time - Rosendals Trärdgård (Rosendals Garden in English), is your place to be!
Imagine a place full of greenery, cafés hidden in the bushes and greenhouses you can pop by for a visit, buy a plant or two or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Or you can go full-on Swedish and have a proper fika (= cup of coffee with a cinnamon bun).