About me, pages are always annoying to write. Especially when you're a Finn - telling things about ourselves isn't a part of the culture. Maybe that's the main reason I mess up every single job interview? Oh hey, my name is Jasmin and I blog over here. This is my little corner of ramblings and other stuff I like to share. 
I'm twenty-something years old, I'm a mum to a beautiful young man (yes, I call my baby a man) and I've got four guinea pigs. I'm also married to the most wonderful man on Earth who goes here by the name J. We have made our home into the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It's kind of cool, no one knows you. 
Travelling is my passion, trust me - if I had all the money in the world you'd never see me again. Though we're planning a huge trip in 2020 when J and I are having our 10th anniversary, so stay tuned for that. 
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