So, I've got two posts planned up including some lovely things we bought from Ikea end of last month. Ikea is always so exhausting! If I'm completely honest I hate going there. I want quickly in and out even quicker. I'm weird, I know but I'm not one of those people who fancies going out for shopping things. I prefer everything delivered to our closest mail office or right to my doorstep.

Though Ikea is super close to us so it would have been needless to order anything in so I decided to do one of those; max. 5 times per year trips I make there.

I found this little table basket thingy from there and it's absolutely gorgeous. I've been lusting over one from fermLiving (to match with our carpet, haha) but it's way out of my budget at the moment. This Ikea dupe must do until I get back to work making some money-ahh.

What do you think about this? I think it's a pretty little addition to our living room. Another thing D can stand up against. What should I put inside of it?


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