I don't know how I come up with these headlines, to be honest. I'm on fire? Not really, I'm not. I'm just a weird girl from Finland who has been blogging for way too long.
Let's get cosy in the bedroom!

And by cosy I mean THIS ADORABLE FAKE LAMB I'VE BOUGHT TO OUR BEDROOM. That caps lock was a bit unnecessary. But isn't it gorgeous?

We have a limited amount of carpets in our apartment.Why? Because I had to buy 250€ one to our living room. Just kidding, carpets are expensive AF. I mean honestly, who pays that much of a carpet? I do, apparently. Though, for my defence, it was the only one that looked good to my eyes.

Anyhow, this fake lamb which is now on our bedroom floor was the second thing I bought from Ikea last month and gosh I love how cosy everything looks now. And feels too! It's insanely soft under the feet. AND IT WAS ONLY 15€. Thanks, Ikea, for sticking to my budget.

We have tried to reduce our Ikea things (as we're so fucking grown-ups now), but a little trip there didn't hurt anyone. It was refreshingly exhausting. I'm off to sip my coffee in the light of my fairy lights and I hope you all have an amazing day ahead of you!



  1. I love that little carpet! I have one in a light purple shade. So soft!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Oooooo light purple😍 I bet it looks amazing!

  2. Your bedroom looks lovely, very cosy indeed. It’s a lovely rug x

  3. Oh I love this rug, we have the same one! I adore your photos by the way, always so bright and fresh looking! I keep meaning to follow you on IG, which I will do right now! x

  4. Everything from Ikea? Its dangerous that place....I go in with nothing I need and I come out with things I don't need.

  5. Ok I'm trying to focus on what you are saying about the rug, but I'm still stressed from that first picture with the tea pouring at height. HOW DID IT NOT GO EVERYWHERE???

  6. Ah wow, that does look super cosy!! That’s a great price too! x

  7. Ooh it’s lovely! & I’m glad it’s fake! Haha! & no, it’s not just you - carpets are ridonculously expensive! xx

  8. You're definitely right, the new rug makes your room look super cosy. You can never say no to an IKEA deal! Lovely photography by the way!

    Tabitha x


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